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What Licensed RPG Do You Wish Used A Different System?


Per the title: what licensed RPG do you wish had used a different system than the one(s) it was licensed for? Which system or style of system would you have preferred?

I wish there was an offical Savage Worlds (SWADE) Star Wars RPG. I love WEG d6 and am not keen on Genysis for Star Wars. SWADE is pretty much perfect for Star Wars, IMO.

While I like TOR and thought AiME was a pretty good implementation of 5E for Tolkien's world, I would really love to see a Year Zero Engine Lord of the Rings game that leans into Hope and Despair with its stress die mechanics.

What about you?

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Also, Star Wars for me.
Fantasy Flight's version I couldn't get the hang of.
d20 was far too crunchy.
I guess WEG was the best iteration, but it too had its flaws.

There is an extensive fan conversion ready to run for Savage Worlds Star Wars. I've seen it POD'd. It's impressive.

As to the subject at hand -
I'd like to John Carter in Savage Worlds
I'd like to see Inifinity (the skirmish war game) in GURPS
I'd also like to see Fallout in something other than 2d20.

One more
I'd like to see the Wildcards books (Has a GURPS 3e release) in HERO, alternately Marvel in HERO, or TMNT in HERO would also work.

Star Wars, for one. I want somebody to do for Star Wars what The One Ring did for Middle Earth.

Also Conan.
Agreed. These two were the first I thought of.
And besides Star Wars, I'd like someone to give The Expanse a similar treatment or at least a Year Zero-based version.

I'd also say Shadowrun, but I think that ship has not only sailed, but also sank to the ground of the ocean where it sits on top of an underwater volcano.

And if games with unofficial systems count, I'd like to see good takes on Mass Effect and Elder Scrolls/Skyrim.

Greg K

Conan: My choice for Conan would be either Savage Worlds or Barbarians of Lemuria.

GI Joe: I would have preferred Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3

Marvel: I wish it was using Icons: Assembled, BASH: Ultimate Edition, or Supers: Revised (with changes to a few powers).

Star Wars: I would prefer the system using Savage Worlds, Black Star, or Honor + Intrigue to name just a few systems.

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