WotC What MTG/D&D crossover material would you want to see?


Perhaps not different enough to warrant a setting, but I'd love Dominaria to be released as one. The art of Dominaria has enough info to run it and there was a planeshift article, but I'd like to see a fully fleshed out campaign. You could have the main setting which is the current timeline (perhaps set before the recent phyrexian invasion) then a supplement with info on the brothers war, and the later ice age. It could even have stats for the weatherlight, the MtG equivalent of a spelljammer.
This had been a decades long desire.

(definately before the phyrexian invasion)

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phyrexian invasion
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I'd like to see a slipcase-and-three-books version of Dominaria -- setting, adventure, and monster book, just like Spelljammer, at the Spelljammer price point -- but instead of a DM screen, include a package of Magic cards that include tournament-legal functional reprints of the original five Moxes and Black Lotus.


I’d second/thirded the Dominaria books. It is such a big world with a lot of lore that could be useful for any campaign.

An Urza’s War and first Phyrexian War would make nice settings as well.

A Mirrodin/New Phyrexia sourcebook would be relevant right now.

Edit: Forgot to include Tarkir, which is one of my favorite settings.


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Eldraine because it allows DnD to have a true Romance "Knights and Castles" setting - which it hasnt had for long time - and has the added touch of familiar Fairytales AND competing Royal Courts, which allows for some kind of Domain-Level play (per Birthright) *throw in Lorwyn-Shadowmoor for some added flavour

Tarkir allows a return to Kara-Tur like themes, with the added touch of an epic struggle of Dragons

New Capenna looks interesting too, though I have no experience of it

I wouldnt want Dominaria since its just another Faerun
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