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D&D (2024) What named spells would you want to see added to the PHB?

I'm wondering what named spells would you want added to the 2024 PHB, like from previous editions, or MtG or your imagination?

Elminster's Simulcrum could be cool from MtG, Sune's Intervention on Arena is awesome as a 9th level cleric spell.

Nezram world Walker has some cool abjuration spells.

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One day, I hope to actually play DnD.
Order or the Stick provided me the one named spell my caster ever would want: Bugsby's Expressive Single Digit :ROFLMAO:

but honestly is there an AoE 'draw aggro' spell? it probably wouldn't be wanted by wizards but for the tankier casters, i guess there's compelled duel but that's not really what i mean.


What does that mean?
Used to be that instead of legendary resist that just shuts down all spellcasting there was a spell resistance (MM text) that worked kinda like an ac value analogue to determine if a spotlight grabbing SR:yes spell even got to the point where the target needed to save or not. SR:yes spells tended to be top shelf instant damage & various save or lose spells that singlehandedly won the encounter. SR: no spells tended to be lower damage (often DoT too) conjuration spells and various buff/debuff/control spells that made everyone awesome through reciprocity

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