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Maybe we need a poll about who does and doesn't, because I really dislike being on class-progression autopilot after 3rd level.
Well, most classes do in fact have choices after 3rd level... choosing spells. Either one time at level up for the Spells Known group or every morning for the Spells Prepared group. Not to mention choosing Feats if your table is one that uses them-- and if they don't then you are choosing which of your ability scores to bump. So players do get choices at many points throughout their career. Now, whether or not that's enough choices for some people, that's a different question.

Although I know speaking personally... I wouldn't exactly call selecting one of multiple options of subclass feature (for example) to be all that Ooh-La-La. The Hunter Ranger gets multiple options to choose from at 3rd and 7th level and never once have I thought "Well, that's so much better than just being given one set feature!" Because you take like 5 seconds to select one of the three, and then you're done. So I'm not exactly sure where this supposed thrill comes from of having "options". But maybe some people can milk those 5 seconds for weeks on end, I don't know.


It's nice to have the choice, but a fair number of them have one option that is obviously superior to the others.

Even then, they're hardly character-defining options for the most part. 'You can have this kind of combat bonus in situation X, or this other kind of combat bonus in situation Y'. Well, whoop-de-do, my ranger feels so different from Bob's ranger who picked the other one.


Subclass at 3rd is the last major choice 5e allows, as opposed to other versions of the game that give you meaningful choices throughout advancement.
4e definitely had various growth options throughout an adventurerā€™s career (or at least at regular intervals).

3e had prestige classes, but my experience with those was that most prestige classes were not so much ā€œchoices at higher levelsā€ but rather ā€œsomething to plan from level 1ā€ in order to meet the prerequisites in reasonable time.

Anything else you were referring to?


Anything else you were referring to?
More choices within class advancement throughout. Pathfinder2E does this through class, race and skill feats, but that isn't the only way. In 5E you could reduce or even eliminate the number of subclasses and implement Diablo style talent trees. if you hyper focus on one, sure, you're just whatever subclass. but you could also diversify and effectively "multi-subclass".

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