D&D (2024) What should WotC change with their new screen?

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A screen for 2024/2025 hasn't been announced yet, but it seems inevitable, as a low-cost (in terms of manhours to produce) product. And WotC has iterated on what should be in their screens several times (not counting the setting-specific Gale Force 9 screens), so a new 2025 screen seems likely to be much better than the 2014 one.

So, what would you like to see different when WotC releases their new replacement screen to accompany the 2024/25 core books?

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A magnetic strip on the top with a few of the magnetic pushpins. Not as fancy as below to keep a certain price point, but something to make it a bit more customizable.



B/X Known World
The outside some dope-ass art. The inside is a plastic sleeve you can slip regular-sized paper into. Provide 8-12 pages of formatted charts and tables that are most often used.


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Instead of 8.5x11 sized pockets for pieces of paper, I'd rather have a whole mess of 3x5 index card sized pockets. I have one of those full page sized screens and sliding stuff in and out is a pain. If it was just an index card, or even half index card sized I think it would probably be a lot easier to edit on the fly.

That way they could also still print art and charts under the pockets, and if there was something you wanted to keep you could leave that pocket empty and still see it.

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