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B/X Known World
Rewrote it with your suggestion. Looking for a 6th option.
The ring also has the added power to burn a point of Luck in order to Reroll the check

Spell burn 1 point on first use required
Gives wearer +3 to climb checks.
Option to Burn a point of Luck and Reroll climb check

A roll of 1 on a climb check while wearing the ring cause corruption
ROLL 1d6
1 Grow a single goat horn (Max 2)
2 Eyes turn into Goats eyes. (Max 1)
3 forearm & hand turn into goat leg and hoof (Max 2. Roll d6. 1-3 Off hand. 4-6 Main Hand)
4 Lower leg turns into a goat leg with hoof (Max 2. Odd gait. Movement reduced 5 feet. Climb +1. does not stack.)
5 Speech is interrupted with a goat's "baa" (Max 3. At 3, Only "baa.")

If a 1 is rolled after completely maxed, then character turns into a mountain goat on a quest for alpine vegetation and a mate. Roll up a new character.
That’s even better. All I can think of for 6 is goats eating anything. So maybe immunity or resistance to poison and/or the ability to literally eat anything.

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I'm the Straw Man in your argument
Recap of June 25 session.



Scion of Murgen (He/Him)
I really like this adventure. I wish I played it sooner.

I changed the dungeon theme from snakes to goats because we just dealt with tentacles for 5+ sessions.
I ran this module for two of my buddies (then a third more experienced one joined, about halfway through exploring the place) who had very little D&D experience. Just one short 4E campaign. And I used this to introduce them to the simplicity and lethality of old school. The first (short) session ended when the more badass of the PCs, and the two hirelings they brought along, got smashed to paste by the door trap. Super dramatic conclusion! The surviving PC looted the bodies and skedaddled. :ROFLMAO: But they came back. :)
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I'm the Straw Man in your argument
Recap July 2
A Deeper Delve into the Tombs

Session XP: 9
Total XP after this session:
ENI 132
ORN 88
NED 28

Wuzra saved
We ended the last session with Monte the Familiar getting hit with a lightning bolt and its master, Wuzra, suffering a lethal hit through the empathetic bond that they shared. The Clerics of Cthulhu, Eni and Manu, were able to resuscitate Wuzra's heart after she received the severe shock from her fried Familiar.

Return to town
Rather than traveling in the dark, the gang spent an ueasy night in the dungeon. Then they returned early to Thaduk Village the next morning. The six hour journey was uneventful.

This area is mostly radish farms. The town center has an Inn, a produce seller, a small pier with a barge, and an apothecary. The gang has taken up temporary residence at the Inn. PCs pay 1gp/month (10gp total). Hopefully they can begin renovation on The Estate soon.

Ogilvy the Apothecary
Ogilvy arrived in Thaduk a couple of weeks ago. He has lived in the city of Iruk for about a year, but he's originally from the West. He decided to move to Thaduk because he sells healing kits and you guys are his best potential customers. He has remarkable knowledge of medicinal flora and fauna.
The Group bought 6 healing kits and 1 healing potion. He's out of supplies. No idea when he'll resupply. It took him a year to gather the ingredients for the stuff you bought.

Radish Inn
[Cue whimsical fiddle] Omar "Ohm" Bodett is proprietor of Radish Inn and a true Thadukian born and raised. In fact he knew both Dwight (RIP) and Shroot (RIP) since they were born.
There are four rooms for rent at the Inn. A tiny room and three larger rooms of roughly the same size. The tiny room was originally a storage closet underneath the stairs but has been recently cleared out and replaced with a cot. The three larger rooms were intended for two people, but you guys manage to cram three people in each room if they sleep head to toe. The place is runned down and terrible, but there's always a cozy fire in the hearth room. He's Ohm Bodett and he'll leave the light on for ya. [Whimsical fiddle fades] (I regret nothing)
Ohm mentions that Huary and the surrounding villages were abandoned and the refugees are filling the city of Iruk. They claim that their land is forever cursed by the Palimdybis Beast and the place is unlivable. The gang wonders if they'll be blamed.

New character
D Wiggums the Dwarf joins the group.

Level up
Mizz Cleo adds Animal Summoning to her spell list. Mercurial Magic: There's a slight chance of magical narcolepsy when casting this spell (DC 6 Fort save). She currently has the hair of the dog that bit her. She needs different components to summon other animals.
Wiblo the Halfling gets sneakier and stabier.

New Familiar
Wuzra summons a new familiar; a six inch tall cranky armored knight named Humuncy.

[Note first number of each encounter is how it's labeled in the book. It helps me keep track of things]

11 Octagon Room
The gang returned to the Tomb after about six weeks of downtime. Their journey to the Tombs was only interrupted with lunch. They arrived in the afternoon.
You guys retraced your steps back to the octagonal shaped room with a well in the center. Abboud found the trap that Monte had sprung. The familiar's charred, tiny headless skeleton was still laying there. Abboud took the adventure to a whole new level by finally finding a reasonable use for chalk. He used it to outline the borders of the pressure plate, so the others could leap over it easily.
They recovered a silver disc attached to the far wall(18 inch diameter, 20gp). The lightning bolt that fried Monte the Familiar was fired from the center of this disc. Abboud the Thief used his skills to detach it from the wall.
D Wiggums sniffed out the valuable ore at the bottom of the well. Turmus decided to doff his armor, tie a rope around his waist, and dive in. The rest of the party either grabbed the rope or prepared for something nasty to pop out. Turmus blindly swam ten feet down to the bottom, using the wall as a guide. He felt around on the floor and the back of his hand brushed against a small mettalic chain, then his hand was bitten. Turmus shook it off and sped to the surface. He explain what happen.
They found some bits of the decaying hands that they encountered in their last visit and attached it to a grappling hook. Turmus then lowered the hook into the well until it hit the bottom. It was immediately attacked and he hauled it up. Turmus managed to catch an angry disembodied head trying to gnaw at the hook. The Warrior then slammed the head into bits against stone floor.
Treasure at the bottom of the well:
Heavy gold chain (35gp)
Silver ring of glass eye. (Wearer's eye turns to glass and can pop out. Glass eye functions as a normal eye)
A perfectly intact red candle without a blemish. Wick appears to never have been lit.

13 Goatman Skeleton
At this point, there were two rooms that the gang hadn't explored yet, the door to the north and the corridor to the southwest. They decided to open the door to the north first. It was a twenty foot long hallway that led to a small room, which is similar in structure to most of the other rooms here.
Unlike the other rooms, the hallway here was partially collapsed and something could be heard knocking about on the other side of the debris. Someone shined a light down the hallway. Glimpses of something could be seen, something pacing back and forth. Turmus and Orn started pulling stones and dirt away.
Turmus emerged on the other side and came face-to-face with a animated, hulking Goatman skeleton armed with a greataxe. The Warrior took a hit entering the room but shrugged it off. He battled his way forward which allowed other party members to enter the room. They eventually took it down. Treasure: 10gp in funeral trinkets.

17 Like the Vandals in Rome
The gang explored the last room to the southwest which was the only exit without a door except the one they had entered.
Turmus led the way with Eni closely behind. There were 18 clay statues of Goatman warriors neatly set in a row. The craftsmanship was subpar. They were hollow and weighed about 50-60 pounds.
Turmus decided to knock them all down like dominoes. Lucky for him these statues weren't filled with poison like the other statues upstairs. All 18 were destroyed. A covered hole was revealed in the back corner. There was a rusty metal ladder that led down to a corridor below.

39 Secret passage
You guys took the concealed corridor south. Once down the ladder, your torchlight revealed the outline of a door on the other side of the corridor. Abboud the Thief took the lead and explored the door. No traps were detected. There was a latch and the door slid to the right.

38 Basil the Basilisk
Now Orn the Warrior took the lead and crept into the room. It was huge. The largest room in the complex so far. Eight thick pillars extended into the darkness above. Rubble, partial statues, intact statues, and other debris were strewn across the floor. Small scurrying movements were heard at first, presumably rats. Then Orn heard a hissing sound ahead to his right and there was silence. It came from beyond his torchlight. He waited, ready to dash back if necessary.
A rattle of chain echoed through the chamber as a huge eight legged lizard came sniffing forward. It kept its gaze downward, sweeping its head side to side, and testing the air with its tongue. Attached to its head were blinders which narrowed its field of vision to only directly in front of it. Around its neck was a giant collar with a chain attached that extended up to the ceiling.
Orn fled back into the corridor and slammed the door shut. The lizard resembled one of the Mountain Basilisks they had faced in the Palimdybis Temple but much, much larger. You guys could hear some sniffing and felt the door rattle a bit. Then you heard some shuffling. The Warrior used this opportunity to throw some food rations out and softly shut the door. Some slurping could be heard.
Orn spent the next ten minutes or so distracting the Basilisk with his entire supply of food rations. Meanwhile the rest of the party fled to the east. Abboud used this opportunity to climb one of the pillars and could barely make out the ceiling in the dim shadows. He could see the giant solid metal anchor where the Basilisk's chain was attached.

36 A crossroads
Orn and Abboud soon followed the rest of the group. It became apparent that the chain on the Basilisk prevented it from leaving the large chamber. Safe within this confined space. The gang deliberated on their next choice. It seemed like this area was small maze of interconnecting rooms and corridors. To the north was a decayed doorway where debris could be seen. To the east was a hallway which branched out into several directions. To the south was some stairs. To the west from where they came was the Basilisk which soon grew bored and left.

35 Ye old swinging blade trap.
D Wiggums could smell a large cache of gold to the east, so the gang headed east down the hallway. Abboud took the lead and searched for traps. Unfortunately he missed it. Someone ended up taking a hit with a swinging blade. The swinging blade trap feature 4 swing blades which kept swinging for a minute or maybe less. A loud metal grinding sound was heard and then the whole thing collapsed. Nobody was hurt.

33 "Come out to the Tomb. We'll have a few laughs."
You guys crept through the remnants in the hallway and came to a split. D Wiggums smelt gold to the north. So you headed north into a small shrine to a Goat God. A small dais with a mounted statue of a Goat Priest was at the center of the room. There were a pair of three inch holes beside each other in the base of the statue. The sweet smell of loot wafting from the statue could be detected by D Wiggums
Somebody jammed their arms in there, but that didn't reveal much. So they gave Humuncy a tiny torch and told him to explore the right hole. Like a tiny Die Hard Bruce Willis he crawled down the tube in his armor grumbling the whole time, then he discovered the path curved upward. He tried to climb the tube but failed. So he returned.
The gang began examining the statue and discovered that it could swivel on its base. They swivelled it clockwise. Cha-CHING!!! 900 gold pieces came spilling out of the holes like a slot machine.

31 More statue abuse.
Their pockets loaded with their biggest score so far, the gang headed south because ol' D Wiggums done smelled a small deposit of precious ore and gems beyond the southern door. The door had writing on it and was flanked by statues. The incomprehensible writing was in the same language as the ancient priest's rantings. The statues were of Goatman in very lifelike poses of aggression.
Wiblo and Ned destroyed the statues. Wuzra casted Comprehend Languages and discovered it said "Summoning Room."

32 The Summoning Room
[The following is a fictionalization of some very metagamey roleplay. I'm as guilty as anyone]
The gang opened the door and discovered an oddly shaped room. Its shape resembled a "U." Glass fragments, broken furniture, torn parchment were strewn across the room and all covered in a thick layer of dust. A young human woman was found chained to the ground by the ankle. Very much alive and, despite her disheveled appearance, in good health. She looked relieved and grateful to see the party.She claimed to be a herbalist.
Some of the gang immediately suspected her of being the Succubus mentioned in the ancient Priest's written rantings. Her true name being Baltoplat. They made a flimsy excuse to leave (along the lines of "please excuse us while we go on the other side of this door and talk about you "). Unfortunately, Wuzra was a little slow on what was going on and lagged behind.
The Succubus used this opportunity to cast Charm on Wuzra. In the confusion, she teleported across the room and she ran down some stairs. The gang gave chase.
2 gold bowls worth 15gp each, a +1 magic dagger, and bone key with a goat's skull carving at one end.

25 This is the pit
The stairs spiraled down and led to a short corridor which then opened up into a small room. The Succubus teleported passed the room and into the hallway beyond. The gang came to an abrupt halt. The tiles on the floor were obviously rigged to collapse. The demon had gotten away. Wuzra still misses her.

26 Door South.
The trail had gone cold, but you guys found a way to surpass the concealed pit. The tiles were propped up with broken furniture and branches.The Goatmen obviously did not maintain this. It was crudely constructed recently. You found a door to the south and used it.

27 Prisoner Room
Rusted manacles on the walls. Not much else.

28 Another Crossroads
The ten of you crammed into a small room (20' by 20'). There were 4 doors. D Wiggums got to sniffing. To the north he smelled a significant cache valuables. To the west nothing. To the south the smell of sweet sweet gold was strongest.
A hissing sound could be heard from the north.
The gang inspected the door to the south. It was thick stone door, tightly sealed. It was locked.
The gang decided to go west.

52 Funky little guy
Turmus opened the door to the west and discovered the most dilapidated part of the dungeon so far. The walls were collapsed in places and parts of the ceiling had landed on the floor. Everything was covered in mosses or fungi. A squat, ugly humanoid mottled green, yellow, and brown (just like everything around him) stood armed with a push broom and ambushed Turmus. His skin was hardened like a bake potato and covered in goo that had the consistency of paste.

Whatever it was expecting, it wasn't you. After his first feint with the broom, he dashed out of the room. (rhyme!)
[End Session]


I'm the Straw Man in your argument
I ain't afraid of no goats RECAP

I wrote this recap a week after playing, so it's less detailed. This might be a good thing.

The fungal goblins used a limited goblin vocabulary to communicate, while Mizz Cleo spoke fluent goblin. The player and I used Spanish to communicate. I have a limited grasp of Spanish, while the player was fluent. Made for some interesting role play.

52 Fungus Goblin
  • Three feet tall, claws, and needle teeth.
  • Tough skinned, yet paper textured (like a baked potato) that's mottled with greenish vegetative slime.
  • Sharpened tools are stuck to the slime.
  • After fungus goblin feints an attack, he runs away .

51 Chase
  • You guys chase it through some corridors and a room.
  • Walls, ceiling, and floor are covered in fungus and other underground vegetation (mushrooms etc).
  • Debris, overgrown with mosses and fungi, are scattered.

49 Jefe Cleo
  • You come upon the "fungus goblin throne room"
  • They speak a basic form of goblin which Mizz Cleo is fluent in.
  • The goblins declare Mizz Cleo as their new Jefe.

48 Fungus Goblin Breeding Room
  • A low ceiling (two feet high) that only allows for crawling
  • Fungus Goblins gestate in liquid filled fleshy sacks and burst out fully formed, as witnessed by the PCs.
  • 1st level characters make Fortitude Save versus being totally grossed out.

47 Rubbish Room
  • Five foot high ceiling with a bunch of random drek. Unexplored.

30 The Call of the Mountain Goat
  • The gang asks goblins "Where's the treasure at?" and they lead them to a pit filled with flame in the center
  • Flame is fed by petroleum (similar to the Kersete Crypt)
  • There's a two foot ledge along the pit and D Wiggums smells the sweet scent of treasures
  • Mizz Cleo tries to control the Jar of Steve and gets a watery middle finger in response.
  • Abboud feels the call of the Mountain Goat and must climb! He climbs down the side of the wall.
  • Abboud recovers some gems, but is overcomed by the noxious fumes. His stamina is kaput and must return to town to recoup.

40 Hallway to Exit
  • The goblins lead them down the hall that will lead to a secret exit.
  • They rest in the hall until morning.

Return to town.
  • Eni calls upon the Old Ones to heal his friend. Abboud spends several restorative, yet nightmare filled, days in bed.
  • Orn buys a bunch of munchies for the Basilisk.

Return to dungeon.
  • No random encounters on return trip.
  • Enter dungeon through fungus goblin's concealed entrance located on top of a hill under a rotted tree stump.

30 Better Pickings for Abboud

  • Mizz Cleo is able control the water spirit in the Jar of Steve. A geyser of water suppresses the fire.
  • Clouds of water vapor mixes with the noxious fumes, then fills the room; killing everyone (naaah, just kidding)
  • The fire suppressed, Abboud is able to withstand the fumes and collect the rest of the gems.

38 Orn and his pet Basilisk
  • Orn decides to meet up with Basil.
  • After feeding it a bunch of rations, Orn is able to clamber onto its back.
  • The warrior begins to hack at the large chain link. He wants to free it.
  • All that hacking releases a key hidden under its collar.

29 Priestly Coffer Room
  • The key was discovered that it fits into the stone door.
  • A series of clicks and springs were heard from the door, then the meter thick door silently glides open.
  • Eight lacquered chests painted black with a white goat skull painted on top are found containing 20,000 silver pieces.

Tree of The Boss
  1. The fungal goblins show Jefe Cleo the Arbol de la Jefe.
  2. It's a dead tree with bones strewn around it.
  3. The Fungal King mentions something about "la proxima luna llena" but not much else is understood.

Return to town. Get donkeys. No encounters. Return to dungeon.

29 Cha-Ching!

  • The group hauls the loot home with plans of rebuilding their new Estate.
  • The donkeys will be useful for your next adventure.
  • Across the searing hot Blood Plains of Esh; negotiating the frigid passes of the Dawn forge Mountains; all the way to Saint Brynedd's Abbey
  • Adventure Hooks will be forthcoming
  • See you in August!

Eni 136
Turmus 136
Orn 92
Abboud 36
Mizz Cleo 68
Manu-are 36
Wuzra 36
D Wiggums 17
Wiblo 68
Ned 36

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