D&D 5E Which D&D books currently scheduled for 2023 are you interested in?

Which D&D books currently scheduled for 2023 are you interested in?

  • Keys from the Golden Vault

    Votes: 51 36.4%
  • Glory of the Giants

    Votes: 61 43.6%
  • The Book of Many Things

    Votes: 76 54.3%
  • Phandelver Campaign

    Votes: 77 55.0%
  • Planescape

    Votes: 88 62.9%

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Plenty of good options apples to me. I don’t get the none never again….much like WoTC walking back their initial OGL draft, people will be walking back that statement if the one dnd is a fun game.

Huh. Must have missed that. Thanks.

Hopefully they tweak the format somewhat from Spelljammer...
The format was fine; the page count wasn't. Given how the main (if not overwhelming) complaint about Spelljammer was its low page count and what should have been in it, I have to think they'll increase the page count in this one. Especially as Spelljammer is relatively simplistic in concept compared to Planescape.


Morkus from Orkus
With the benefit of hindsight, it's not to difficult to figure out what goes with each book.

Glitchling - Planescape

Fate Domain Cleric - Deck
Runecrafter Wizard - Giant
Primeval Druid - Giant

gate warden - Planescape
giant foundling - Giant
planar philosopher - Planescape
rune carver - Giant

Rune Carver Apprentice - Giant
Scion of Elemental Air - Planescape
Scion of Elemental Earth - Planescape
Scion of Elemental Fire - Planescape
Scion of Elemental Water - Planescape
Scion of the Outer Planes - Planescape
Strike of the Giants - Giant
Agent of Order - Planescape
Baleful Scion - Planescape
Cartomancer - Deck
Cohort of Chaos - Planescape
Ember of the Fire Giant - Giant
Fury of the Frost Giant - Giant
Guile of the Cloud Giant - Giant
Keenness of the Stone Giant - Giant
Outlands Envoy - Planescape
Planar Wanderer - Planescape
Righteous Heritor - Planescape
Rune Carver Adept - Giant
Soul of the Storm Giant - Giant
Vigor of the Hill Giant - Giant

Spells - all from Deck. I think it's the only one that will feature new spells.
Given the randomness of the deck, Cohort of Chaos also fits that one very nicely as well.


It’s the first time in a year or two that I have actually been interested in D&D books.

Keys from the Golden Vault sounds interesting - Particularly if there can be adventures with more intrigue, less combat. I’m interested to see what a heist looks like in a D&D setting.

Phandelver is just a cool adventure and Im very interested in campaigns that build on a single place - allowing NPCs to develop and be reinforced. Finally we get a realms based campaign that can fit into any world. Old school, rather than stretching for the Tyranny of Novelty.

Planescape is… well… Planescape. What can change the nature of a man? One of the coolest setting in D&D history. Can’t wait.

I’m half way through God of War so a book about Giants Lore will probably prompt some kind of epic Norse based campaign.

Book of Everything? I don’t know enough about it yet but if its on par with Tasha’s and Xanathar’s, I don’t really see what’s not to like.

When you add all these to what looks like a very interesting One D&D release it seems like the production schedule is finally swinging back to the direction I’m interested in.


I'm staying clear of Keys and Phandelver, in part because I'm hoping to be a player and not a DM for the foreseeable future. Giants has no appeal except as a sedative. I don't know what to expect from Many Things, so I suppose I will be interested in seeing a table of contents, but I'm unlikley to buy it.

Planescape piques curiousity. I'm not attached in any way to previous editions' takes on Planescape. I never played in the setting, aside from the Torment CPRG. But I'm interested in seeing new art and seeing how WotC approaches the setting. Still, very very unlikley to purchase it, esp. if it's in the slipcase format.

Magister Ludorum

I am interested in everything but Planescape, so I'm the outlier. I'll buy planescape if it has enough stuff not related to the Planescape setting, but Planescape is the only D&D setting I ever sold to used bookstore.

Before anyone tries to explain why I should love it. I am a guy with a strong background in and love of philosophy. I used to teach a class in Pre-Socratic Philosophy for religious studies scholars who wanted a deeper understanding of the elements of Greek and Hellenistic philosophy that informed some of the gospels.

I still didn't like Planescape. Others do. That's fine with me, but it's the hardest of hard passes for me as setting.

It's Book of Many Things. It's a Deck of Many Things themed book, not another catchall of mostly player-facing content.
I do wonder if we'll get a good selection of new/updated magic items in the book, as both the Key and Sun cards award such items. It would be an excellent place to do so, and create some interest for those who might not otherwise be interested in the book.

Ah I see. I thought it was along the vein of Tasha and Xanathar. Thanks for the info. Well the same applies - I don’t really know enough about it but I’m interested enough to see.
Well, we don't actually know what it is yet.

I'm personally speculating that it might be a Tasha's/Xanathar's type book with a general theme of the Deck running through it, simply because the 'things' title theme kinda fits, and I personally cannot imagine how you fill an entire sourcebook purely with stuff related to the Deck. But I could be 100% wrong of course.


Open Gaming Enthusiast
I guess "none" not being an option skews the results. It would have been my pick. I was already underwhelmed by most recent books before WotC started this mess. I really liked Rising from the Last War, but considering Ravenloft and Spelljammer have no hopes for Planescape.
There are still kickstarted books that I await and some Kobold Press stuff that I preordered, but at this point, I'm done with WotC and >=5e.
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I guess "none" not being an option skews the results. It would have been my pick. I was already underwhelmed by most recent books before WotC started this mess. I really liked Shadows of the Last War, but considering Ravenloft and Spelljammer have no hopes for Planescape.
When you say Shadows of the last war, do you mean the Dragonlance book Shadow of the Dragon Queen? (all the titles start to sound the same after a while, lol)

If so, why did the Dragonlance book work for you over Ravenloft and Spelljammer?

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