Which D&D Settings Do You Play In?

Over on the right of the news page is a new poll which asks which D&D setting you currently play in. Obviously WotC has its own survey data, and we know from that that 55% of people use home-brew settings, 35% play in the Realms, 5% in Greyhawk, and the remaining 5% is divided between the rest. I figured it would be fun to see how closely EN World's members track to that overall survey; how closely to we represent the official data? To that end, I've listed a number of settings. The question is what you PLAY in? It's not "what would you LIKE to play in", or "what would you like to see more support for?" -- it's what are you PLAYING in right now? I know some folks have more than one game going and they may be different settings. That's why I've allowed a choice of three in the poll. If you have four or more games in multiple settings -- well, I'm envious. I took the list from the Wikipedia page of 25 settings, so if you're mad and incensed about the list or its ordering or whatever (because Internet) blame Wikipedia! Some settings incorporate others (Kara-Tur is in the Realms, for example), but I"m keeping it simple with the top level list.

Here's what WotC's survey says we play (that data comes from Chris Perkin's panel at Gamehole Con). Let's see how closely we match it. The survey is on the right hand side of the news page, or it's at the top of the discussion thread, depending where/how you're viewing this.

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Running three games in the Realms right now.

Don't really care about the Realms one way or the other... but as two of them are Tyranny campaigns and the third uses some of the Tyranny adventures from Adventurer's League, I just found it easier to set them there than to try and place them elsewhere (since I'm pretty much open to using any and all settings.)


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A shame that multiple answers aren't possible. FR is the default setting for our group atm but we are also all rather big fans of Ravenloft, Spelljammer, Dark Sun, and Dragonlance.

FR is the setting you choose when you want the campaign to feel like a huge, living, breathing world. The others, on the other hand, are settings that absolutely ooze a particular atmosphere.

This poll will inevitably skew towards FR since this is a 5E forum and if you're playing a module, which is more likely than average atm, then there's a better than average chance you kept it in the default world of the module.

It only let me vote for one.

I'm actually running three campaigns; one in Dragonlance (not my longest running one, but certainly one I play pretty often), two in Greyhawk (one is the campaign I've been running since the 5e playtest came out, but don't play it as often as the others, and the 2nd one is Princes of the Apocalypse that is reskinned for Greyhawk).

I'm not a huge fan of the Realms, so while I sometimes play in the Realms, I rarely run anything set there. I love Dark Sun, but I ran a long running campaign in 4e, so got kind of burned out. I would love to see Planescape, Ravenloft, and Spelljammer for 5e.


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A shame that multiple answers aren't possible. FR is the default setting for our group atm but we are also all rather big fans of Ravenloft, Spelljammer, Dark Sun, and Dragonlance.

Then your answer is FR. It's not asking what you're a fan of, it's asking what you're playing in right now.

WotC's stats annoy me. If you're polling current D&D 5E players, the homebrew and FR options will skew high no matter what because those are the only two options currently available....and I don't think that the average D&Der is going to dedicate a lot of time to adapting the classics (the sort of work spent customizing older settings to the new rules is equally useful time spent investing in using a current 5E product or doing your own thing).

Playing homebrew. But I finished both a Ravenloft and Dragonlance campaign in the last 4 years and still use the former for one-shots whenever possible.

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A home-brewed version of the Forgotten Realms with elements of Greyhawk in it (Greyhawk itself is a barony on the Shining Sea/Border Kingdoms area).

I fit WotC's polling data pretty close. Forgotten Realms, but I pick and choose elements of it for my own take on the setting.

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