Which D&D Settings Do You Play In?

Over on the right of the news page is a new poll which asks which D&D setting you currently play in. Obviously WotC has its own survey data, and we know from that that 55% of people use home-brew settings, 35% play in the Realms, 5% in Greyhawk, and the remaining 5% is divided between the rest. I figured it would be fun to see how closely EN World's members track to that overall survey; how closely to we represent the official data? To that end, I've listed a number of settings. The question is what you PLAY in? It's not "what would you LIKE to play in", or "what would you like to see more support for?" -- it's what are you PLAYING in right now? I know some folks have more than one game going and they may be different settings. That's why I've allowed a choice of three in the poll. If you have four or more games in multiple settings -- well, I'm envious. I took the list from the Wikipedia page of 25 settings, so if you're mad and incensed about the list or its ordering or whatever (because Internet) blame Wikipedia! Some settings incorporate others (Kara-Tur is in the Realms, for example), but I"m keeping it simple with the top level list.

Here's what WotC's survey says we play (that data comes from Chris Perkin's panel at Gamehole Con). Let's see how closely we match it. The survey is on the right hand side of the news page, or it's at the top of the discussion thread, depending where/how you're viewing this.

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I guess I buck the trend a bit as the campaign I am running is set in Nyrond in Greyhawk. I think the dabbling and constant big changes in the Realms have always turned me away from that one and most of my players have no problem with Greyhawk.

It was really easy to convert once I just selected which source books to use. It is so 'vanilla' anyway compared to drastically different worlds like Dark Suns and Eberron. I've had to come up with a few monsters, but between Anna B Meyers maps and the Canonfire wiki, the players and I have almost all we need from those alone.

I know some folks want there to be an update to some settings and a reprint of the last timelines would be great for Greyhawk (it's a little weird with all the living Greyhawk stuff) but many of them don't need that much in the way of specific rules. I kinda like how I know where and what Greyhawk is, there isn't a lot of change to Oerth that I have to deal with.

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The problem I see here is you can't really compare settings like Forgotten Realms/Greyhawk/Mystara to settings like Dark Sun, Spelljammer, Ravenloft, and even Dragonlance to a degree because there is a difference in the settings.

If you want hardcore survival then you wouldn't choose FR over Dark Sun. Some of those settings offer something specific and shouldn't be put in the position to where people can only choose one or the other. I could see this done with FR, GH, and Mystara because they all share a common setting type.


Right now I am playing in a Forgotten Realms game (but that just because it the default D&D setting not really a conscious choice), and I am running two games of 5E using Golorian (Paizo.s) campaign setting.

I am surprised that more 3rd party publishers haven't jumped on this issue yet. I would think building a new campaign world would be right up their alley for material. That said I do have and I am looking for an opportunity to run games using Midgard and Southlands from Kobold Press, Lost Lands from Frog God Games, and Calidar by Bruce Heard. Now both Kobold and Frog God Games are supporting their setting in 5E (some conversion material is out more on the way for both) while Bruce is keeping out of the whole debate by not supporting any system, he just provides guidance.

Oh I forgot to check Greyhawk, that game been in hiatus for a couple months but I am also running for another group (hopefully it will resume) through the original Temple of Elemental Evil converted to 5e.

Argyle King

I'm currently playing in Greyhawk (though that campaign uses GURPS 4E rules.)

I'm also playing in a friend's Homebrew which is heavily influenced by 4E cosmology (mostly for the Dawn War story and deities), the 5E Tiamat story arc, and a little bit of the 3E cosmology.

I'm running a game that uses D&D 5E rules in a mix of Birthright and the GURPS Banestorm setting.

My votes were Greyhawk, Birthright, and Other. "Other" seemed to better encompass the last two games than "Homebrew" in light of a 3 choice limit.

Until very recently, I was running 3 5E campaigns: 1 in Greyhawk, 1 in Mystara, and the Phandelver adventure in FR. The first two campaigns are still going.


Wow... the very most recent non-Realms campaign setting that WotC released is currently sitting at 8 votes, while a setting like Greyhawk that hasn't seen any new product in decades is being played almost three times as much right now. I think that's pretty good evidence (despite the claims of some people here on EN World) that even if WotC was to release a full and complete Dark Sun setting book right now for 5E (a mere 5 years after the last one), it still wouldn't get much traction.


Perversely, I feel like Golarion should be an option on this poll.

That was my "other" vote. In addition to Dark Sun and Greyhawk PbPs, I've got a home game going running Village of Hommlet in Golarion (Iobaria) using 5E rules. Having killed Lareth, they were just ambushed and kidnapped by drow, leading into Out of the Abyss - still in Golarion, because the Realms should be Forgotten.


Running Eberron and prepping a homebrew for when PotA is done. I'm tweaking maps and using my own conversion notes, so even Eberron is kinda homebrew.

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