Which D&D Settings Do You Play In?

Over on the right of the news page is a new poll which asks which D&D setting you currently play in. Obviously WotC has its own survey data, and we know from that that 55% of people use home-brew settings, 35% play in the Realms, 5% in Greyhawk, and the remaining 5% is divided between the rest. I figured it would be fun to see how closely EN World's members track to that overall survey; how closely to we represent the official data? To that end, I've listed a number of settings. The question is what you PLAY in? It's not "what would you LIKE to play in", or "what would you like to see more support for?" -- it's what are you PLAYING in right now? I know some folks have more than one game going and they may be different settings. That's why I've allowed a choice of three in the poll. If you have four or more games in multiple settings -- well, I'm envious. I took the list from the Wikipedia page of 25 settings, so if you're mad and incensed about the list or its ordering or whatever (because Internet) blame Wikipedia! Some settings incorporate others (Kara-Tur is in the Realms, for example), but I"m keeping it simple with the top level list.

Here's what WotC's survey says we play (that data comes from Chris Perkin's panel at Gamehole Con). Let's see how closely we match it. The survey is on the right hand side of the news page, or it's at the top of the discussion thread, depending where/how you're viewing this.

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ORC (Open RPG) horde ally
Homebrew Settings. Dark Sun kinda-sorta.

Currently playing in a Homebrew setting where the planet orbits two Suns, and is exchanged between them from time to time. Think Game of Thrones with the years-long seasons, only without all of the messed up noble families.

Next month, I will be DMing for a group of people in a Homebrew setting strongly influenced by Dark Sun (I've previously play-tested it one-on-one with my Dad).

Accidentally hit Greyhawk. Didn't mean to.
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I had to put down "Home Brew" because it's the one I DM'ed the most. It was "Generica" and is exactly as the name suggests; generic. This was when we first started learning 5e back with the Starter Box when it first came out. The first session we played 100% RAW. Second session saw a nix on how natural healing worked and I put in my own system. After that, we just kept on playing and testing the waters of RAW, with only minor changes in the initial year, with more and more substantial changes coming as I became more familiar with it all. Yes, that means Generica had MC'ing and Feats (surprise!)... but I (we, actually, as a group) finally put the nail in both of those OPTIONS after about a year and a half or so.

Once I had what rules I use as DM for 5e, we switched over to Greyhawk. Only played about 6 or so months in that before life happened and everything got turned upside down. Now, a year and a half later, after playing many other systems and mini-campaigns, one of my players has FINALLY decided to take another crack at DM'ing. He did 'newbie' stuff the first couple times he's tried...but with 5e and where we have it (houserules and whatnot), he's feeling pretty confidant in his ability to learn...and, what's better, we just finished an adventure a few weeks ago and he has told us he's worked out a new one so we can continue and he wants to give DM'ing another go! :) So in a week or three I may be able to switch back into Player mode and pick up the tales of Wargrim Battlebrew, Dwarven Cleric of Ulaa! (right now I've been...er...DM'ing?... Dungeon World; turns out that's how I DM normally in a LOT of ways, but COMPLETELY DIFFERENT in others...it's an odd feeling...).

So...Most played time in Homebrew, but last (and probably henceforth) I'll be back in Greyhawk. My one true Campaign Setting love. :cool:


Paul L. Ming


[MENTION=72670]Raunalyn[/MENTION] and others who play DL with 5e : How do you resolve Dragonlances and Moon magic for 5e? See also my recent thread on this.


I DM Greyhawk blue box with advanced tech level (30 years war comparable, just w/o guns), occasionally the players get into a Ravenloft scenario for a session although they do not know it is Ravenloft. I play in FR. I also answered for settings I DM, because afaik none of my players are posting here.


During high sanction, I make the character's effective level 1 level higher (so, a 4th level mage would count as a 5th level mage for the purposes of spellcasting) they wouldn't get any additional spells, but they would get additional spell slots. This would make it so that a 4th level caster could cast one of their 1st or 2nd level spells using a 3rd level slot.

During low sanction, I made them one level lower for the purposes of spell slots.

During the Night of the Eye...all Wizards of High Sorcery would get the spellcasting bonus, and enemies would have disadvantage on saving throws to resist spells. Exactly opposite for all three moons in low sanction.


Lord of the Hidden Layer
I'm playing only one game currently, using Tales from the Yawning Portal. Therefore, I answered FR.
If I had more game time, I could do a Homebrew setting.
If WotC released a Setting Book, I would play Dark Sun.

During 4e, I attended conventions to play in Ashes of Athas and Living Forgotten Realms campaigns.


If I make up the adventures and only use FR for place names and gods, maps and such- is it homebrew or FR? I put FR since I only have so much time to develop background. We go to a city called Waterdeep which is about whatever I come up with but use some ideas from the web and old supplements. It could be any city name and 90% of the game would be mine.

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