Which non-D&D fantasy RPG do you currently play?

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aramis erak

Which non-D&D fantasy RPG do you currently play?

I currently play Fantasy AGE. Ten three-hour sessions so far. We like it.
Switched my sunday group to Mouse Guard after a near TPK which also killed Arthur, and put a PC on the throne of Logres, without Merlin having had the time to prep a renewed Blessing of Britain.

aramis erak

Yes. I don't know hard or easy it is to find it second-hand, or to use Cortex Prime plus online fan-written character specs.

But if you can find it, I think it's great. The play produces situations that feel like a comic.
Given the mechanics are decipherable enough given prime - all the options for MHR are covered in Prime - should be no trouble using the stats.
That’s a little too wink-wink nudge-nudge about piracy…
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My long-running Blades in the Dark game is just coming back from a catastrophic invasion of feral ghosts and Deathlands horrors after the lightning barriers protecting the Six Towers district collapsed. Our crew, the Nameless Vagabonds, an arcane group of Shadows, gathered allies from the Reconciled (a conspiracy of possessor ghosts) and Flint's vigilantes (a subsidiary gang fighting to destroy the spirit trafficking business) to make a stand at Flint's mansion in Six Towers. They opened jars of spirit essence to lure the ghosts and monsters to them, giving time for the local residents to flee. It was a brutal battle, with much of the district laid waste by rogue demons, many allies injured, and the Vagabonds' leader Zhao knocked out by taking too much Stress. The crew also got a lot of Heat, partly because their Whisper and her bonded demon had a lightning-throwing showdown with a giant skeletal snake, attracting the attention of some Imperial sorcerers.

In the aftermath, the crew relieved stress during Downtime and faced the fact that the Ministry of Preservation had now joined the Sparkwrights in declaring war against them. To be fair, with the city under lockdown even after the lightning barriers came back up, pretty much every faction was considered to be under siege and acting under wartime restrictions.

The crew's Leech, Irfan, learned from his contacts that Lord Minister Strangford had gone missing at around the same time of the lightning barrier collapse, leading to a power struggle within the Ministry. The Hound, Scotch, tried to convince her girlfriend Ruby to flee town if things got worse, but Ruby refused to abandon her friends and family. The Lurk, Happy Simon, reconnected with his Severosi roots at a Severosi temple and met an official working at the Severosi Embassy. The Whisper, Sacred Karen, helped her vice purveyor to escape Six Towers and struck a bargain with Lord Scurlock - one which will have consequences.

Two faction leaders approached the crew with a solution to the city's fuel woes. The Hive offered to provide smuggled fuel to the Vagabonds in exchange for a heist of the Iruvian Embassy, while Lady Ankhayat proposed a daring raid on the military fortress on Whitecrown to learn the location of the Navy's secret Offshore Reserve of fuel. Whichever way they go, they're bound to make even more powerful enemies...


Still not meeting in person, so we're staying with Barbarians of Lemuria again. I have a Runequest: Adventures in Glorantha game ready to go, but that'll only start once we're meeting in person again. Whenever that is.


I am currently running a weekly DFRPG game at a local game store. Had 4 new players show up this past session, 2 of them just as the initial two finished character generation. Unfortunately one of them was about 10 and had just finished his second monster energy drink. Once I realized I needed to do a bunch of railroading for that character (but not the others) the game was able to move forward. They stomped the spiders that had caused huge issues for the two players that had been there the first week.

Also playing in a 3.5e set in Dragonlance and running a couple of SF games.

Jay Murphy1

Meterion, Mastermind of Time !
The Blood of Heroes (DC Heroes) superhero roleplaying.

Forgot to add Gamma World 1e/2e (1.5?), going hot in 5. Got my rad pills though, so should be good (looks at third nipple).
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Heretic of The Seventh Circle
So, I am mostly working on playtesting my 5e classes, and working on a version 3 of my TTRPG, but I am considering taking a brake from both to try running a Blades In The Dark game, since I’ve learned a lot more about it. I enjoyed the stripped down hack my buddy ran a while ago, but I really enjoy the setting and premise, and would love to dig into it more. I’m not sure I’ll ever really love the play ethos of that style of game, but games have surprised me before.

I also would like to start a new The One Ring game, but I think that will have to wait until one of the D&D campaigns wraps up.

Right now I'm running Cypher, and playing in a HERO based fantasy game - and am planning a multi genre that includes fantasy using Modern Age. And Pathfinder, but I include that in "D&D" for system purposes.

Well, the Blades crew broke into the vault in the Iruvian embassy after a detour with the ghost of a ship captain that Scotch once executed. Waiting in the vault was an Iruvian fox demon who had a nice conversation with Zhao, the crew's leader and resident fox-person. It offered to hire the crew to neutralize their most powerful patron, Lady Ankhayat. Zhao took a rain check on that offer and the crew absconded with the loot. But now they have conflicting job offers from multiple competing geopolitical powers. Will they choose a side or just go Yojimbo on everyone?

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