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Which would you choose?

Paul Smart

Starting a new campaign at level 9. This is what I know about it so far.

Other players:
Currently, we have 2 rogues, a barbarian and a fighter warlock.

Campaign Background:
The land of Genovia was a battleground between elementals for thousands of years. King Stevius III conquered the land and cleared it mostly of elementals. The elementals are trying to get their land back. Why are they working together so easily? Is there anything influencing them?

They need a healer.

I will have a necklace of prayer beads to start

I am thinking one of the following. Please help me choose:

Option 1

Fallen aasimar Fighter 2 / Death Cleric x. Heavy Armour, Shield, Whip. Uses necromancy to both harm and heal.

Option 2

Protector aasimar life cleric x / Unicorn spirit Sheperd Druid x. Heavy Armour, all the healing spells. Summons spirit animals to take hits.
Note: If you like this one, what would be the best level breakdown between these two classes.

Option 3
Water Genasi Arcane Cleric. Medium armour, shield, casts everything. Mainly healing with some arcane support.

I really like all 3 so I am having a hard time choosing.

Thanks for the advice.

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41st lv DM
I like the idea of #3.
If the region your adventures will take place in has long been the stomping ground of elementals, then it stands to reason that they've left their marks on the populations. Hence assorted Genasi.
I see story here.
The two Asimars? All I see are collections of powers.


I like #3 the most too. The first two are also cool, so I see your dilemma! But the third feels just right for your party, since you can heal but it’s not your main focus, and the arcane utility and control will help a lot. The rest of the party should be doing tons of damage, so that doesn’t have to be your main focus either. But you’ll do some just the same.

And water genasi, yeah, love that idea! The con won’t hurt either. :)

Have fun and good luck!


Second Most Angelic Devil Ever
Another vote for #3, but #1 could be interesting too.

A fallen aasimar death cleric could be obsessed with life and death, emo/goth, and creepy in a (hopefully) fun and entertaining way.

But #3 does seem to fit the environment better.


I agree with other posters that playing a genasi likely gives the best RP hooks. But Shepherd Druid, at least a couple levels, gives you a lot in your party.

What about Circle of the Shepherd Druid (2-3) / Nature Cleric 6-7? Your party (especially the two rogues) will get a lot out of spells like faerie fire and entangle, and you can get these and the cool spirit totem ability with just two levels of druid (note that you can summon a different spirit each time you use it: you don't have to use unicorn all the time). You might want a third for pass without trace and healing spirit.

Nature Cleric pairs well with druid RP-wise, and Dampen Elements will be huge in an elemental-heavy campaign. Depending on the planar origin of the elementals, upcasting Banishment could be a really good use of your concentration (given your party, you might be better off hanging back and focusing on support rather than doing the typical cleric thing of getting closeish with spirit guardians).