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Pathfinder 2E Wizard Favoritism & Errata


The designers of PF2 streamed Friday night, talking about 2e. Twitch

Among the topics of the evening were items that are soon to receive errata. This included the rather major oversight that 1st level wizards are not intended to receive a class feat (except for Universalists), despite it being listed in their level progression chart.

Clearly the Paizo designers are up to their old wizard loving shenanigans again! This is nothing more than a heavy handed attempt at a stealth buff, while claiming to have "balanced" them. I mean, how many people even check the errata!? Wizards were overpowered in 3.x, they were overpowered in PF, and now they're at it again with PF2.

Just in case it isn't blatantly obvious, the above is merely intended as a joke. I don't really think that the PF2 designers conspired to sneak in secret buffs to their favorite class. ;)

The bit about the upcoming errata is real, however, including the part where wizards aren't intended to get a 1st level class feat by default.

There were some more bits about future errata in the video. The biggest one being that unarmed proficiency is intended to scale with simple weapon proficiency unless otherwise stated. Which should be good news for most characters, particularly Rogues, who were hoping to take the Monk Archetype.

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Aren't all classes given a class feat at first level?

In what ways do the devs reality differ from mine? Because all I hear is how weak Wizards are at level 1...

(Haven't played or seen one in action yet)


Spellcasters don’t normally get a 1st level class feat. Universalist wizards are (supposed to be) an exception.

Apparently, monster creation rules will be released ahead of the GMG. That’s welcome news.


Aren't all classes given a class feat at first level?

That is true for the most part, however, non-casters get a free choice whereas casters generally get their level 1 feat from a subclass (Bardic Muse, Clerical Doctrine, Druidic Order).

The two exceptions are Sorcerer and Wizard.

As far as I am aware, Sorcerers don't get a 1st level feat at all. It could be because their Bloodlines are heavily front loaded (2 trained skills, a focus spell, and a Blood Magic benefit).

Wizards can get up to two level 1 class feats. The first is by choosing to be a Universalist, which grants a free choice from the feat list. The other option is to take Improved Familiar Attunement as your Arcane Thesis, which grants the Familiar feat. The intent appears to be that a Wizard who takes neither of those options does not get a 1st level feat.


So the intent was that Wizards get zero, one or two class feats at level 1, depending on the number (0,1, or 2) of choices from the specific list you mention.

And that somehow the rules language got muddled sufficiently to change the message into "at least one".

Okay, got it.

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