Wizards of the Coast Completes Acquisition of TSR Inc

In a blast from the past, WotC founder Peter Adkison shared this photo (courtesy Alex Kammer) of a press release from back in 1997, which surfaced while going through some old TSR files.


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Lord of the Hidden Layer
And it only took 20 years to finalize the deal? Somebody's lawyer has been ripping them off for extra fees...

Von Ether

Is this the last vestiges of being pure geeky? Getting excited about the history of the hobby? I mean I get a kick out of it, but I don't personally know that many others that care.

Definitely a cool thing to see. It’s interesting that in 1997, the sole pop culture mention is that E.T. scene (nevermind that they don’t mention the cartoon). These days, it’d be a heck of a different story.

One thing that’s driving me nuts is the line “Lake Geneva, Wis.-based.” The editor in me just wants them to type out the “consin” to avoid that “.-“

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