D&D General Would you like there to be a new publication of Dark Sun?

Would you like there to be a new publication of Dark Sun?

  • Yes (with or without additional conditions)

    Votes: 88 65.7%
  • No (with or without additional conditions)

    Votes: 46 34.3%

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I'm suffering from apathy. There are easily a dozen or more settings that I would like to get updates before I even started to consider Dark Sun. It's simply not a setting that has ever been important to me. If there wasn't recent drama about it, I might not have even remembered that it existed.

If a special event is going to happen to explain the reboot of the D&D multiverse, I suspect a lot of things will be rewritten about DS, but mainly because gameplay reasons, for example to add more space for new classes and PC species.

I wonder about the ecological impact of the Brown Tide in the Feywild and Shadowfell within the Athaspace.

If Athas was sent to an isolated demiplane.... what happened with the rest of Athaspace?

If Nico Bolas destroyed Amonkhet... could this be more... "Athasian style" later?



Yes, but the conditions I'd impose probably make it impossible.

Basically, it would need to be redone as close to as-is as possible - which in turn requires that the problematic content remain in place. But WotC won't do that, and I'm extremely doubtful that they'd allow it to be covered on the Guild. It's not completely inconceivable that they could license it out to a third party, but even that seems extremely unlikely.

But I have absolutely no interest in them doing to Dark Sun what they did to Ravenloft and Spelljammer. So if that's the choice, in this case I think nothing is better than something.


Well, that was fun
Staff member
I don't have any personal desire for one, but I don't have an objection to it existing if done right. So, not sure what to vote!

I don't use the guild though so.......
Why not, as a matter of interest?

I mean, if you only do homebrew then (almost) nothing on the Guild is going to be relevant to you, but if you run WotC adventures then the "guides" on the Guild are a great resource and the are lots of side-quests, encounters etc. that enhance the adventures.

(Personally, I've got no interest in the new classes, archetypes and the like, but presumably some people must be buying them.)

I'd love to see every setting opened up on the Guild, no matter how niche, as it gives fans of those settings a chance to share their creativity.

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