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Egg Embry

Egg Embry

RPG Crowdfunding News: Lunars, Lasers & Liches, Conclave, Immersive Battle Maps, The Great Old Ones,

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The end of February/first week of March was an RPG Kickstarter population explosion. This week’s RPG Kickstarters (those ending between March 8th to the 14th) are a thinner herd by comparison. In this article, I look at 8 of the available RPG Kickstarters and 11 RPG Zine Quests including games for Exalted 3e, D&D 5e, OSR, Powered by the Apocalypse, and more.

RPG Crowdfunding News: Pocket Box Games, Ultimate Player Race Creator, Hudson and Brand, Beat the Bo

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Between March 1st and 7th, 25 RPGs and 20 RPG Zine Quests end on Kickstarter. 45 projects ending in 7 days. Because that pool is an ocean, I fished out 4 RPGs to review while sharing the zines as quick links. Let’s get into these projects.

RPG Kickstarter Zine Quest News: The Next Fifteen Zines

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By my count, there are 45 zines available as of this writing (46 if you count Sentinel Comics offer). Last week, I reviewed the first 7 RPG zines that were running through Kickstarter’s Zine Quest. This week, I look at 15 of them as I sift through the zines that will end by February 28th.

RPG Crowdfunding News – Sentinel Comics, Zorro, Reach of Titan, LexOccultum - Carta Monstrorum, and

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Between February 22nd and the 28th, there are more than 11 RPG Kickstarters ending. Add to that, there are 15 RPG-related zines from Kickstarter’s Zine Quest ending by the 28th as well. Some of these are RPG powerhouses have already pulled in 5- and 6-figure sums while others are making their 3-figure goals. I’m going to cover as many as possible so let’s dive in.

RPG Jobs Roundup February 2019: Modiphius, Uncanny Magazine, and SIXMOREVODKA

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Want a fulltime or part-time office job working in a creative field? England and Germany are ready when you are. Disabled and ready to write fiction? There’s a magazine actively seeking out individuals that fit that description for a freelance writing opportunity. This month, there are great careers and assignments waiting for you.

RPG Crowdfunding News – Carbon 2185, Cats & Cats, The Tome of Magical Mystery, Haunting of Hastur, a

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Looking just at this list of 5 RPGs, it’d appear that RPGs on Kickstarter are back to a manageable number unlike last week’s list of 17. The reason it’s *only* 5 RPG Kickstarters ending between February 15th and the 21st is because the 7 RPG zines from KS’s Zine Quest are in a separate mini-article. That noted, let’s dive into these RPGs.

RPG Kickstarter Zine Quest News – The Initial Seven Zines

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Kickstarter’s February initiative is called, Zine Quest, and it features RPG zines. Built on a nostalgia for the early days of tabletop when zines – single color, hand-folded mini-magazines – were an integral part of the scene, this initiative appears to be reigniting that interest. Over 20 zines have dropped since February 1st and more are lined up. In this article, I look at Zine Quest Kickstarters ending between February 10th and the 21st.

RPG Crowdfunding News – Vulcania, ADOM, The Savage Sign, Bone Marshes, and Many Mini-Reviews

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This week I’m looking at Kickstarters that close between February 8th and 14th. By my count, that’s 17 projects, too much to cover in full here. As such, I’ll touch on the larger RPGs and end with a few mini-reviews to cover as much ground as possible. Let’s get into it!

RPG Crowdfunding News – Wolfspell, The Cryptid Manual, Destination Danger, Between Sun & Shadow, and

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With Kickstarters ending February 1st to the 7th, the post-holiday RPG Kickstarter slump is over as new RPGs are waiting to be seen. Three of the tabletop RPGs covered in this article are experiments worthy of a read, a full RPG setup as a trifold record album jacket, a deck of cards that’s an RPG, a superhero setting designed for five RPG systems, and more. Read on to see what is available for your gaming table. Continuing my ask of the last few months, if you’re planning to kickstart an RPG zine in February, let Sean Hillman and myself know so we can share it. For more details, click here.

RPG Crowdfunding News #130 – Secretum Mundi, 100 Maps of Fantasy Islands, BattleMats, and more

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We’re into January but the number of crowdfundings is at a low ebb from the holiday break. Because there’s not that many campaigns ending between January 25th and 31st to review, I’m taking the opportunity to look at a few RPG Kickstarters that are ending sooner, and delve deeper into the process behind Off the Beaten Path, Mountain Excursionsby ThrowiGames. ThrowiGames’ collection of adventures presents an interesting case of being developed through a membership platform (Patreon) before jumping to a crowdfunding site (Kickstarter) to upgrade into a larger realized product. There’s more about that and other crowdfunding campaigns below.

RPG Jobs Roundup January, 2019 – New Year, New Opportunities

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With the start of the New Year, many consider resolutions to improve their lives or happiness. If one of those resolutions is a new full-time job in the games industry, then I’ve got some options waiting to be explored. These jobs offer both pay and an opportunity to work in an industry you love. The job listings shared here can close at any time so if one speaks to you, I recommend you apply ASAP. However, if you miss an opportunity, there are more gaming related jobs available and more coming down the pike. As such, it can prove beneficial to keep your resume up-to-date so you can CRIT every job opportunity.

RPG Crowdfunding News – Era: Lyres, Treacherous Traps, They Came from Beneath the Sea!, The Fantasy

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It’s the New Year and fresh RPG crowdfundings are beginning to crop up! As the industry ramps back up after the holidays, there are a number of worthwhile projects that end between January 18th and 24th.

Quickstarting: On Your Mark, Get Set, Fund!

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The conventional wisdom is RPG crowdfunding campaigns are a month or two long. However, some publishers, like Steve Jackson Games and Frog God Games, have experimented with shorter campaigns dubbed “quickstarters” or “tiny print runs”. Running around two weeks or less, these campaigns manage to be quick hits. But do these shorter runs impact their success?

RPG Crowdfunding News – Streets of Avalon, Dragon Scales, Monsters & Magic, Gauntlets & Gaslight, an

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The ebb and flow of crowdfunding is cyclic. I’m writing this article in the last days of December for RPG Kickstarters that end between January 11th and the 17th. Despite occupying the post-vacation portion of January it totals only two RPG Kickstarters. Interestingly, I doubt it’s the end date that deterred launching more projects, instead it was the attention magnet that is the holiday season. Yet, this lull presented me an opportunity to cover a few still active RPG Kickstarters (that end before January 11th), those that slipped through the cracks.

Open Call: Kickstarter's RPG Zine Quest

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Kickstarter’s February 2019 initiative is Zine Quest, a Tribute to RPG Zines. Kickstarter is putting a spotlight on tabletop RPGs offering additional exposure while also stating that tabletop roleplaying games are an important component of the crowdfunding community. To encourage that, EN World will cover some of the zines that crowdfund during this program.

Sunless Skies Come to Tabletop: An Actual Play of Skyfarer

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On Saturday, September 22nd, Failbetter Games launched Skyfarer, a tabletop RPG tie-in to Sunless Skies, their steampunk literary RPG video game. Available exclusively through TabletopGaming.co.uk, this promotional tool hypes the video game franchise by bringing it to the world of tabletop. The day it dropped, one of the members of my gamer group - a fan of the PC version - downloaded it, read it, and learned the rules, so we put aside our regular game and slung dice in the world of Sunless Skies on launch day. What follows is a recounting of that game. To read a review of Skyfarer's gaming system, click here.

RPG Crowdfunding News – Tale, Silent Titans, Low Fantasy Gaming, Into the Wyrd and Wild, Maelstorm R

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I hope everyone that celebrates Christmas had a wonderful one. This holiday week, I’m looking at RPG Kickstarters that end between January 4th, 2019 and January 10th. At this point in the year, the products available touch on a lot of original ideas that are worth exploring including original, or rarely used, systems.

RPG Crowdfunding News - Mythology Manual, Nibiru, The Wanderer's Legacy, La Dama Nera, and more

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Let’s look at some of the last RPG Kickstarters ending in 2018 and the first that end in 2019 (those ending between December 28th, 2018 through January 3rd, 2019).

Failbetter Games’ Skyfarer: The RPG, a Review

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In September 2018, Failbetter Games unleashed Skyfarer, a pen-and-paper RPG tie-in to Sunless Skies, their steampunk literary RPG for Mac, PC, and Linux. Free exclusively through TabletopGaming.co.uk, this promotional tool hypes their video game franchise by bringing it to the world of tabletop. This is their first attempt to translate their universe into a new style of game, so let’s review the results of this micro RPG simulation of their gaming world.

RPG Crowdfunding News 125 – Torg Eternity – The Nile Empire, The Adventurer’s Prayer, Vindeon, Tegel

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For this week’s article, I’m sharing RPG Kickstarters that end between December 21st, 2018 and December 27th, 2018, the last full week of the year. Among them are several systems, a number of D&D 5e adventures, and even a poster to consider.


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