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Paizo Product Update: January
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Happy new year, Paizo fans! This month, we’ll see: the release Pathfinder Lost Omens: Gods & Magic, the continuation of the Attack of the Swarm! Adventure Path, and the start of a brand-new Pathfinder Adventure Path: The Extinction Curse! That’s right, it’s your favorite time of the month: THE PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP!
Talking 52 in 52 with Owen KC Stephens
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Want to lock in new D&D 5e, Pathfinder 1e, PF2e, and Starfinder content delivered every week in 2020? Plus over 500 bonus supplements? All brought to you by Owen KC Stephens (Star Wars Saga Edition, Starfinder, Dungeon & Dragons, Fantasy AGE, Wheel of Time RPG, EverQuest RPG, Fantasy AGE, and EN World)? And at less than $30? Welcome to Rogue Genius Games 52 in 52 exclusively at the Open Gaming...
Crowdfunding News – Starship Warden, TABLETOPS & TENTACLES, and more
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On Christmas day, I’m looking at a sizable (for a holiday) collection of RPG crowdfunding projects that end between January 3rd and the 9th, including one co-written by James M. Ward, one that uses runes instead of dice, a new RPG magazine, and more unique projects!
News Digest for the Week of December 6
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Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! A new Pathfinder video game on its way, yet another new D&D 5e Charity release, the Alien RPG releases this week, and more!
Crowdfunding News – Gradient Descent, City of Mists, GiantLands, and more
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This article looks at RPG crowdfunding projects ending between December 13th to the 19th. As is normal for the end of the year, there are fewer projects with eleven in this article versus over double that number in the months leading up to the holiday season. As we close out the year, GameOnTabletop is picking up more RPG projects like Vast Kaviya, Of Dreams and Magic 2nd Edition, and Torg...
News Digest for the Week of November 28
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Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! Psionics are back for Dungeons & Dragons, Paizo wants you to meet the designers and authors behind Pathfinder, a new Starfinder book on its way, and more!
Crowdfunding News – The Islands of Sina Una, TORG Cyberpapacy, and more
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The 22 RPG crowdfunding projects covered in this article end between Black Friday and December 5th, 2019. This is a sizeable field (with the addition of an RPG quickstarter) end during some of the busiest shopping days in the US, and I’ll be interested to see if that event impacts their results.
Crowdfunding News – Kingdoms and Warfare, and more
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This week I share RPG crowdfunding campaigns that end between November 15th to the 21st. Among these 17 campaigns is the fourth member of the million-dollar RPG crowdfunding campaign. What’s that? It’s a tabletop RPG crowdfunding project that reaches a million dollars like Matt Colville’s Strongholds & Streaming, John Wick’s (now Chaosium’s) 7th Sea: Second Edition, and Hit Point Press’...
When Brands Play Games
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Wendy's recent foray into tabletop gaming has been controversial, but it's not the first time a brand has ventured into our tabletop gaming space. What's changed?
RPG Crowdfunding News - Haunted West, Wolves of God, Ross Rifles, and more
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This week, I review 18 RPG crowdfunding campaigns through Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and GameOnTabletop. These RPG related projects were selected because they end between November 1st through the 7th and include works such as Haunted West, Ross Rifles, and Moth Children.*
Crowdfunding News – Root, 3PP Pathfinder 2e Products, and more
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At least 13 crowdfunding projects end between October 18th to the 24th. Among these are notable projects like Root and Under Hollow Hills as well as a follow-up to Welcome to Tikor | The Swordsfall RPG Setting and Art Book in the form of an IndieGoGo for Swordsfall Art Booster 1: Vehicles and Transports.
Crowdfunding News – Deviant: The Renegades, Scarred Lands, and more
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There are at least 23 RPG and RPG-related Kickstarters ending between October 11th and the 17th (with some leftover projects that end on the 10th that I missed last week). Of those, I link many and share a quick preview of eight RPG Kickstarters and one action figure Kickstarter that has a resemblance to Pathfinder’s mascots.
Crowdfunding News – Forbidden Lands: Bitter Reach, Sins of the Father, and more
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At least 20 RPG Kickstarters end between September 27th to October 3rd. This article covers these as well as a few quickstarters. As well, I give a brief update about the Kickstarter union situation and its RPG impacts.
Lizardfolk: New Ancestry from Lost Omens Character Guide
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Paizo released the next in their previews of the new Pathfinder 2nd Edition ancestries to appear in the Lost Omens Character Guide: Lizardfolk.
Your Guide to Free RPG Day 2019: Quick Reviews
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For Free RPG Day 2019, I was able to get lay hands on nine of the offerings (as review copies and items picked up by my partner-in-RPG-crime from Giga-Bites Tabletop Gaming Café [2018 Power Retail Award - Outstanding Organized Play Program and 2019 GAMA Power Retail Award - Outstanding Marketing] and Raven’s Nest Games). I want to thank every game store that stocked Free RPG Day products and every publisher that produced these quick starts and adventures.
Paizocon 2019 Tickets Available
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Paizocon, the official convention of Paizo and all things Pathfinder, returns for it’s 11th year from May 24-27 next year in Seattle, US. Badges are now available. Click on the image below!

Meet Pathfinder 2's Cleric; Plus Spellcasting Basics!

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On the Paizo comments a lot of people are annoyed that classes get less than PF1, less class features and have to pay feats to get them back. The counter argument is that you get those feats instead of class features, just meaning you can chose how you want your class - rather than stuck with what is written. The same applies to races/ancestries. Either argument aside it does seem that all...

Let's Look At Alchemy In Pathfinder 2!

Take A Look At Pathfinder 2's Revamped Magic System!

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This blog post got me hyped! Everything in here looks awesome, especially the formatting of the spells, which is very nostalgic for me as a 4e fan.

Pathfinder 2nd Edition Game Trade Media Playtest Video

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Thanks. Some of these look quite good. I like the idea of taking an action to take advantage of cover. I do hope they try to keep numerical fiddliness out of the system in favour of more options in play like blocking and taking cover.

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