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Pathfinder RPG

Crowdfunding News – Forbidden Lands: Bitter Reach, Sins of the Father, and more
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At least 20 RPG Kickstarters end between September 27th to October 3rd. This article covers these as well as a few quickstarters. As well, I give a brief update about the Kickstarter union situation and its RPG impacts.
Lizardfolk: New Ancestry from Lost Omens Character Guide
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Paizo released the next in their previews of the new Pathfinder 2nd Edition ancestries to appear in the Lost Omens Character Guide: Lizardfolk.
Your Guide to Free RPG Day 2019: Quick Reviews
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For Free RPG Day 2019, I was able to get lay hands on nine of the offerings (as review copies and items picked up by my partner-in-RPG-crime from Giga-Bites Tabletop Gaming Café [2018 Power Retail Award - Outstanding Organized Play Program and 2019 GAMA Power Retail Award - Outstanding Marketing] and Raven’s Nest Games). I want to thank every game store that stocked Free RPG Day products and every publisher that produced these quick starts and adventures.
Paizocon 2019 Tickets Available
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Paizocon, the official convention of Paizo and all things Pathfinder, returns for it’s 11th year from May 24-27 next year in Seattle, US. Badges are now available. Click on the image below!

Meet Pathfinder 2's Cleric; Plus Spellcasting Basics!

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On the Paizo comments a lot of people are annoyed that classes get less than PF1, less class features and have to pay feats to get them back. The counter argument is that you get those feats instead of class features, just meaning you can chose how you want your class - rather than stuck with what is written. The same applies to races/ancestries. Either argument aside it does seem that all...

Let's Look At Alchemy In Pathfinder 2!

Take A Look At Pathfinder 2's Revamped Magic System!

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This blog post got me hyped! Everything in here looks awesome, especially the formatting of the spells, which is very nostalgic for me as a 4e fan.

Pathfinder 2nd Edition Game Trade Media Playtest Video

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Thanks. Some of these look quite good. I like the idea of taking an action to take advantage of cover. I do hope they try to keep numerical fiddliness out of the system in favour of more options in play like blocking and taking cover.

Fighter Class Preview For Pathfinder 2nd Edition!

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There is precious little as to what a fighter can do *outside* of combat...

Starfinder Outpaces Pathfinder In Fall 2017!

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Starfinder outpaced Pathfinder! Wow!

From 7 Action Types To Pathfinder 2's New 3 Action Economy

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The second attack is at minus five. The 3 action economy cleans things up but may cause some other problems, like players constantly asking if something is an action or not. Think I'd have to give it a whirl before deciding if it's a worthwhile change.
The Pathfinder 2 Barometer! Vote your initial hot take!
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Pathfinder fans! What's your initial takeaway gut reaction to the news of Pathfinder 2? Vote in the poll (if you are using a platform which doesn't show the poll, find it here).
Frank Mentzer reveals more details on Worlds of Empyrea
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Frank Mentzer, in a video interview about his years in game design and upcoming Kickstarter, notes that Worlds of Empyrea will not just include multi-system support, but that each game system will have an Empyrea boxed set tailor made to fit the play style for that particular game system, which he hopes to release for Gen Con 2018 following the upcoming Kickstarter next month.
[UPDATED] Pathfinder Unchained Contents Spoilers
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Pathfinder Unchained is shipping to Paizo's subscribers. Below you'll find a quick look at the table of contents, introducing the five chapters of the book and what's in each. The book seems crammed full of new optional rules and systems. UPDATE: Be sure to scroll down to the comments below this article where a sequence of posts provides large amounts of detail about the book's content!
Sneak Peak of Realm Works on the Web!
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Lone Wolf Development makes the popular Hero Lab character generation software, and is also the creator of Realm Works, a campaign management suite. They've sent along an update and preview of the latter in video format, which you can see below. "Brought to you by the creators of Hero Lab®, Realm Works is the tool every Game Master has dreamed about for managing campaigns. Spend less time preparing, more time creating, and focus on sharing the story with your players! Built by a team of experienced GMs, Realm Works can be used with any game system and allows you to create and manipulate your world like never before."

The City of Brass comes to Kickstarter in 7 days

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Next Friday, March 6, The City of Brass Kickstarter goes live. If you haven't heard of it yet, The City of Brass is an app designed to help you manage the mechanics of your game, so you can focus on what matters: playing that game.

ICv2 Fall/Winter 2014 Hobby Game Rankings: D&D Up To #1

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Expected, but I don't think it will last long, and that has nothing to do with which system is better or more popular it is based on the volume of products published. Pathfinder puts out multiple things a month, D&D a few a year. So next quarter it will be Pathfinder back on top, unless WoTC has a surprise or two up their sleeves. Best of luck to both of them they make fine games.
EN5IDER and TRAILSEEKER Articles & Adventures
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This is a list of the articles and adventures commissioned so far for EN5ider and TRAILseeker. If you're interested in writing or art for either, check out the submissions page. When we launch, each will have 3 articles and one adventure for free. They'll be the free samples which will show you why you should subscribe! Each publication will initially produce four items per month, including one system-neutral item and one adventure.

Waibel's Rule of Interpretation (aka "How to Interpret the Rules")

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The only CORRECT interpretation is the one I say! :eek::cool::p The sooner the rest of the world gets that, the sooner we can all sit down and have fun...and end all fantasy rpg forum arguments everywhere. :lol: heheheh. [Seliousry though, nice chart. :) ]


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Check the official thread. You have designers popping up and giving a bit more info. http://paizo.com/products/btpy97vo/discuss?Pathfinder-Roleplaying-Game-Pathfinder-Unchained-Hardcover#tabs


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