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Recent content by Balgus

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    D&D 4E Official Unofficial 4E Rules FAQ

    Quick question: Fighter weapon talent: "Choose either 1-handed or 2-handed weapons. When using a weapon of your chosen style, you gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls." If I choose 2-handed, does that apply to ranged weapons as well?
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    Starting Gold

    Could someone tell me what the starting gold is for lvl 1, and where to find it? I may be blind, but i cant find starting gold in the PHB. I briefly thumbed through the DMG at the bookstore, and didnt see it there either. Seeing that they placed all the magic items and potions in the PHB, I...
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    D&D 4E 4e Contest: Prove Nate Right - Power Attack Entry Finalists - You help decide winners

    I chose B because it basically is the opposite of Combat Expertise. You deal extra damage at the expense of defense, which applies to all attacks that round. Choice A - only gives a benefit without any drawbacks. Plus, it is mainly for weapons wielded 2-handed. Why would a ftr NOT take this...
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    D&D 4E Fantasy Flight looking for RPG Writer-Developer - 4e

    Hmmm... 750 USD, bring own lappy, move to Minnesota with just 3 month contract and no guarantee of LT job offer... and the job poster seems very angry, demanding and anal...
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    After School Program

    My friends are thinking about opening an afterschool program. Its primary function is to cater to parents who cannot pick up their children directly afterschool and help them with their HW. The program will consist of: *1HR supplementary curriculum - HW time where student will get help - and...
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    One shot game - HELP

    Hey all... I wil be playing a one shot game and wanted to get some feedback on a character. I am thinking of playing a cleric - but have some flavor issues I want to flush out before I commit. Here are the two choices: Dwarven Clr 6....vs...Human Rgr1/Clr5 +2 Con -2 Cha..........1 Feat...
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    How to increase traffic to website

    Hey all Want to open my own website and would like to know what I can do to increase traffic. Just throw as many ideas as you can out there.. content specific or not - I am open to everything. Its gonna focus on green architecture
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    Wanna help get me outta Traffic Ticket?

    I was driing over the grapevine in California (From Socal to Central Cal) and was driving 75-80 ish (speed limit 70 but no one drives less than 80) Cop on the other side of the freeway makesa fatty u-turn and pulls me over. He writes up a ticket for 95 mph. I ask him for proof that i was...
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    Milk Survey - Please help

    Hi Guys, Balgus needs you to fill out another survey. Any and all feedback is helpful. EDIT: if you can think of anything else, feel free to add them in your response. Thanks a bunch
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    Gotta Vent

    I just gave a Final presentation today, worth 35% of my overall grade. I finished my portion of the slides a week ago and one member volunteered to compile the presentation. She emailed out the final presentation slides and asked for us to check our slides to make sure everything is OK. *1...
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    Class Project - please help with survey

    How much would you pay for these rings: Sterling Silver inlaid with Mother of Pearl dyed in pink, green, blue and purple: Please include: Gender Age Where would you expect to buy these rings? Would you buy for yourself? as gift? Thank you for your help Balgus
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    Help me with Title of Book

    Hey all, A couple years ago, there was talk about this great supplementary reading with details on Medieval times and life. The descriptions were about town building, armor, weapons, trade, and everything you need to know, and more, about medieval life and knights and lords and ... you get the...
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    PMX - what is it? and anyone going?

    Just wanted to know if anyone knows what PMX is. Heard it some kind of Japanese Music thing later this month in LA. I tried googling it, but I came up with abunch of weird sites. Could soomeone help me out? Thanks a bunch
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    Robot Chicken on Cartoon Network

    I must admit- Seth Green is the MAN. He did what we all (or at least all of my friends) were thinking: Take old shows and poke fun at how cheesy they used to be. The nostalgia of the old shows is coupled with the great comedy timing of ... a drunk college frat. For those that have never seen...
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    Which DND God would you worship?

    The title says it all. Just want to know which DND God best matches your ideals. Mine would probably be St Cuthbert. Judgement and Retribution Edit: FR gods are also welcome- or any other you can come up with. Just explain who they are, for thos eof us who not as well-versed in the...