D&D Movie/TV “Honor Among Thieves” Now Available for Purchase (iTunes + Amazon Prime)


Anyone know of this will be on other services like HBO

I don’t have Paramount+, Apple TV, etc.
Oh well

It will probably eventually stream for free on Prime in the US. Amazon and Paramount seem to have a deal to eventually stream their films on Prime after Paramount Plus, I watched both Sonic 2 and Top Gun Maverick on Prime for free. It's not the same day as Paramount Plus though.

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Didn't we have countless people arguing this would likely be the case and that worrying solely about theatrical revenue was cutting out this revenue stream?

Every site I've seen mentioning DADHAT being available on digital called out how good the movie was.

I suspect it's going to do extremely well at home.

It's unlikely to make 200 million on VoD.

The argument essentially revolves around the X2 or 2.5 number st the box office pays the production cost.

Then it's assumed the backend covers the marketing costs.

It's unlikely we will see a sequel announced for example while HAT is in the top ten VoD. IMHO of course.


We watched it on Vudu tonight. It is still 'purchase only' for $19.99, but comes with 9 short features (usually about 10 minutes each). It says it is available 'for rent' as of 5-23. Currently it is showing as Vudu's #2 of top 200 movies.

While I thought it was "just OK" when I saw it at the theater, I really liked it when watching it again from home.
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You did. The movie called him “Aumar”, which is Elminster’s surname. Was it Elminster? The fact Simon called him “great great grandfather” suggests so, but why he was referred to by his surname and the fact Elminster isn’t actually dead (not to mention the actor didn’t really match any Elminster depictions) makes it weird
I think the fact that it he turns into Simon when he overcomes his, makes me that it was Simon holding himself back all along.

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