D&D (2024) 2024 Player's Handbook preview: "New Spells"


I suppose that depends on if your DM lets you spam it.

I mean if the DM is playing RAW and everyone who has it casts it every time before they open a door what is she going to say or do?

Sure the DM can modify the rules but most are hesitant to do that.

So it did get better, since I don't think anyone used it previously.

I had it on most of my bladesinger builds and used it situationally in combat as part of the attack action. Not a lot, but enough that I use a cantrip slot to get it. I also use it on rare instances on my current Glamour Bard while using Mantle of Magesty as my bonus action. I never used the current version on any other character except an Earth Genasi (who casts it as a bonus action).

The current version of Bladeward is very effective in chokepoint situations on a character with very high armor class and high hit points facing melee enemies if they can use a cantrip as part of the attack action. That is why it works very well in this situation on a Bladesinger. In would work in this situation on an EK too, but they don't really get enough cantrips to have room for it.

In the case of the Glamor Bard In use it is because she can't cast another leveled spell as an action while using MOM and her offensive cantrips and Weapon attacks are borderline useless.
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When it will be abused it will not be an entire action, but part of an action or it will happen before combat.

As I said on a an EK you can do this and still make an attack that round (based on the UA EK), and this is the class that will be immediately available that will abuse it. It will likely be abusable in this fashion for other Gish as well, including Bladesingers and probably Sword Bards, but this is not as big an issue because they will have other things competing for cocentration.

You are also going to get it precast before combat a lot I think since it does not use a spell slot.

I think immediately calling it abuse before it even hits tables to be tested is a bit harsh

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