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D&D 4E 4e Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide - Anyone see it?


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From what I've read, they are going to be a multi-class only class. So, instead of multiclassing into something else, you can acquire a spellscar and then use it to swap out some powers for your normal ones. Seemed like a decent way to do it. And probably something how they'll do dragonmarks, I'd think...which is unfortunately. haven't seperate mechanics would be a good thing, imo, rather than "These are the spellscars for this world".

I disagree; I love the multiclass-only dragonmark idea and I hope the mechanics get used over and over. Besides, weren't the Dragonmark PrCs the equivalent of this in 3e?

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To me, the setting changes are as if you had a campaign set in Europe in the late 1800s then the settign was thrown forward 100 years and you have all the changes wrought by 2 world wars centered largely in Europe. A lot has changed and everyone needs to adjust to change.

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