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Casimir Liber

Yeah, I was getting a bit carried away throwing ideas at this critter to see what sticks.

Talking about that, just calling it a "Noble" is a bit dull, so I was thinking we could give it a name that's a bit more, well, Arabian Nighty.

Maybe Efreeti Pasha?
never much liked pasha...emir? and is aliterative?

Yep - I like Wish granting #2 too

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never much liked pasha...emir? and is aliterative?

The primary reason I suggested Pasha was that's the title of the uberpowerful efreeti in the Deserts of Desolation series.

Let's see, what else is there…

Emir as you said.
Bey (which comes from Turkish, like Pasha) seems a title more appropriate for a standard Noble Genie.
Caliph or Padishah are both too high ranked, since we're not statting up an Efreeti monarch but someone from the rung below them.
Vizier seems a bit cliché for an Arabian Nights bad guy.
Sheikh is more suitable for a standard Noble Genie. There's a lot of Sheiks out there!

I'm assuming this is a particularly powerful and high-ranking Noble. I'd say a "regular" Efreeti Noble would be more like Challenge 15 or less, and basically be a slightly souped up standard Efreeti.

When we get around to doing a Dao Noble maybe we can make that more or a regular level Noble than a high-ranker like this guy?

Casimir Liber

Am in two minds - part of the push these days seems t o be to making alot of critters culture-neutral (so keeping it as "noble"). I'd stick with Emir.

My idea for a dao was a powerful being that had mastered converting items two/from gold as well, so of similar power to the efreet noble. We could call it a hetman or ataman I guess.

Minor genie nobles I can make but minor buff to the statblock whereas the big guys need some extra work here.


Am in two minds - part of the push these days seems t o be to making alot of critters culture-neutral (so keeping it as "noble"). I'd stick with Emir.

Well one could argue that "Efreet" and "Genie" are hardly culture-neutral, so that camel's already racing.

One reason I'm opposed to the Vanilla "Noble" is that I'm aiming for something a bit more powerful and specific than a typical Noble so deserving of a different title.

Although I don't want to use something cheesy and artificial sounding like some 4E monster variant names, like an "Efreeti Thermoduke Pyrotyrant" (I'm joking with that name, if you couldn't tell!).

Hmm, maybe call it a Firelord? That isn't too objectionable.

My idea for a dao was a powerful being that had mastered converting items two/from gold as well, so of similar power to the efreet noble. We could call it a hetman or ataman I guess.

But those are usually military ranks, from what I understand you're idea for this Dao is some kind of supreme magical goldsmith.


Ok - fair points - I am equally happy with Efreet firelord or Emir.

I prefer Emir over Pasha as previously mentioned, but I'd be OK using Firelord since you're happy with that.

So shall I update our fiery nob with Efreeti Firelord?

Re dao, I guess an adept manipulator or elemental earth - Earthmaster?

If this Dao specializes in turning things into and from gold, rather than Earthmaster, wouldn't it be more appropriate to use… Goldmaster!

Now I'm imagining Ms Bassey singing a James Bond song

He's the dao
The dao with the golden touch
A genie's touch
With a gold finger
Beckons fools in with his gems, gold and sin
But don't go in
Silken words he doth pour in your ear
But his lies just disguise what's to fear
For adventurers knows when he's kissed them
It's the kiss of death from Emir Goldmaster

…but that might just be me.


ok firelord and goldmaster it is


Updating Efreeti Noble Firelord.

Shall we start crunching the numbers then? Going back to my first rough draft, it started:

Genie, Efreeti Firelord
Huge elemental, lawful evil
Armor Class 19 (natural armor)[ maybe reduce to 18?]
Hit Points 290 (20d12 + 160)
Hit Points 261 (18d12 + 144) [?]
Speed 40 ft., fly 60? ft.

24 (+7)​
12 (+1)​
26 (+8)​
17 (+3)​
16 (+3)​
22? (+6)​

We'd already settled on the Speed and Wishes, although I'm still undecided on whether I prefer wondering Wish Granting or Grant Wishes.

The 5E Monster Manual just uses Wishes for this power, for what that's worth, so maybe we should use that?


Okay, next up.

I'm inclined to ditch the Legendary Resistance and Regeneration and give it Magic Resistance instead.

Partially to follow the Noble Efreet we're using as inspiration, both of which had Magic Resistance but didn't regenerate.

To make up for the missing Legendary Resistance I'd give it some kind of remove status effects power(s) it can perform with Standard and/or Legendary Actions.

I've pencilled it in as Purifying Pyre.

The CR Calculator says that, with Magic Resistance and four save proficiencies, then it's Defensive CR is 17 with AC 19 and Hit Points 290 (20d12+160). However, I'm guesstimating the defensive powers I'm planning to give it as being roughly equivalent to 3/day Legendary Resistance, which'll make it Defensive CR 20.

That's with it as "Resistances/Immunities: None" by the way, since it only has Fire Immunity which I don't think should count for much at this level.

So that means we want an Offensive CR of 18 to make a Challenge 19 opponent. That requires a DPR of between 93 and 110 going by Monster Statistics by Challenge Rating since its +12 Attack Bonus is a bit higher than the CR 19 par of +10.


Out of curiosity, I plugged the numbers for the standard 5E Efreeti into the CR Calculator and it came out to CR 9 with No Resistances, CR 14 with Resistances and CR 14 with Immunities, but if it has "Flies and can deal damage at range" checked that becomes CR 10 with No Resistances.

Said Efreeti is Challenge 11, so I feel justified in givng the Firelord a Resistances/Immunities of None in the Firelord's CR Calculation.

The SRD Efreeti is Offensive CR 8 and Defensive CR 10, so I feel justified aiming for a higher defensive number than offensive one.

That said, I'm wondering if we should tweak its STR and CHA so they have the same modifier, since if its spell attacks are lower than its melee ones it might throw of the calculations.

I'm thinking we can either give it STR 24 (+7), CHA 24 (+7) to keep its current +12 to hit or make it STR 24 (+6), CHA 22 (+6) for a +11 to hit (which'll boost its DPR range to 99-116.

What do you think?

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