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Oh I’m aware. I was just pointing out some options. If you want “half fae”, that’s technically a half-elf.

Though, I believe changelings we’re actually fae children, which only appear human. The fae steal human children and leave a Changeling in their place. The Changeling appears human, but isn’t. The Changeling Race can give you that. Alternatively, the Elven Race are the Fae, so technically any Elf Race is what your looking for, perhaps with a spell to make them look human until a certain point. Give them the blessing of Corellon that I mentioned, and you’ve got your character.

Being an elf with the Eldarin subrace fits the most, as they are actually from the Fae Wilds. They are the DND version of the Fey that you are talking about. Though, any elven subrace would technically work.

Just trying to figure out how to make what you’re looking for in game without having to do any home brew.


I was mostly gonna just nab a vanilla race and reflavor it, honestly, given that Jhary said to keep it to core. :)

That said, everyone seems to be nabbing all my first picks for classes (bard, sorcerer, warlock, paladin, investigator-themed character) so I might have to rethink things a little. I figured the nymph princess would be Cha-heavy (of course 😜) but if folks think we have too many charmers I might try something else.

I created a "Mermaid Princess" for my sister once, and she said she wanted command over the seas, so I made her a Sea Elf (again, from Mordenkeinan's Tome of Foes) Circle of the Land Druid, choosing the Coast as its native habitat. Most of the spells it grants are water, and I focused on ice and water type attacks, with some wind to simulate "Controlling storms".

Point is, if you're going Fey, then they would be heavily nature oriented, unless I'm mistaken, so taking the Druid and refluffing it as Fey Powers could work. You'd get shape shifting and nature control powers, both of which are thematic. An Eldarin Elf, where you can change the Season you're associated with depending on your mood for the day, would add some more kick to that, though any elf could work. Since you can change your spells every day, you could even switch out the spells you know to make them thematically associated with the season you picked for that day. Fire spells when Summer, Frost when Winter, yada yada. Any Circle would work, but the new Circle of Dreams is meant to be more Fey oriented, as well. Then you also wouldn't need to worry about everything keying off Charisma, but instead going for Wisdom.

Just a thought. Sorry. Character creation fascinates me. I like trying to see what kind of characters people want and then trying to fit them in the rules.


Having shapechange ability kind of misses the "what? I'm female?" part of the character. That's why the Eberron changeling doesn't work. I'd prefer not continue speculating until Jhary weighs in again.


Hi all! You've been busy discussing!

Tglassy, generate the stats using the roll 4d6 drop the lowest. I'm sure if anyone used a different method that it's fine as well. I'm fairly trusting. PBP really comes together through the shared narrative. I see the game rules as being there to enhance the fun and not get in the way.

In that vein, Tglassy, I've got no problem with you switching a spell during a long rest. I agree with the thinking here. Also, I have no problem you keying your "warlockness" to INT rather than CHA. 👍

Jmucchiello, I looked at those home-brews on dndwiki and, if you want to use one, I think the first is better than the second one.

I think it'd be quite fun if you were a tiny, flying fae. Reminds me of playing tunnels and trolls in the early nineties. You could strap together some coins for armor. 😜

Charlotte, I don't think there's anything as too many charisma heavy characters. You're all beautiful and know how to mind your manners? How dare you! 🙃

You're definitely thinking what I was originally thinking when you mention just reflavoring one of the "vanilla" races. But! As long as you can point at the rules somewhere, I really don't mind using outside-the-box concepts or rules. 😁

Charlotte, I personally hope you stick with the Ozma-type character. I love the potential there.

I think that that "changeling" from Ebberron is super neat, but I agree that it's not necessary (and might even steer us in the wrong direction).

Any elves, especially eladrin (I think Moorcock even uses the term in his books), would work perfectly fine. 📚

Tglassy, I think we all appreciate the brain storming. Ultimately, it'll be Charlotte's call. I love the enthusiasm! 🔆

You guys all rock! I think we're still waiting to hear from Imaro, but feel free to start in on your own personal "chapter ones" in the in character thread after you post your characters.

Oh! Lastly! Thoughts on starting level two? Without giving too much away, I fully intend for everyone to level up as you complete that personal "chapter one" and find yourselves finally together in a group. Does that make sense?


--DM Jhary


Hey @JharyOConnah was thinking of going Shadar-Kai and possibly monk... Way of the Shadow or if you would allow it Gloomstalker Ranger (I'd actually prefer this but I know you mentioned sticking to core). Let me know if either or both of these would be ok. Going for an Assassin (possibly ex-assassin) concept.


I didn't think about Druid before. If I can make it Cha-based and instead of being "nature priest" is become "fae nature" that would work well. Can I reskin Wild Shape to be "Human Shape"? I'd make the "default" character race fae and, being stubborn, she would look to be able to return to human shape. That default fae race would resemble pixie or sprite if you allow a Tiny PC. Probably wouldn't have to multiclass as a druid.

Basically I want to boost the power of the race while nerfing the (well-known) power of the druid. With just Human Shape, she would not be a combat "monster".

Of course, I still wanted to be more Bardish so I'm not sure what I'm going to do there. Decisions, decisions.
Alan Oake hasn't been the same since he went into the woods.

Not that many are complaining, because before Alan went into the woods, he was the town's resident bad boy, his skill as a tailor the only thing keeping him from being beat down twice a week. Some say it's foundling syndrome; knowing you were abandoned on the steps of the local dressmaker's guild will make you feel not just unloved, but unlovable. Some might argue that issues or not, that's no excuse for starting a fight with an entire bar because someone told you that green wasn't in season.

Regardless, he was a pain, and so, everyone was surprised when he volunteered to be part of a search party to rescue some missing children. He even went further into the woods than anyone else, and when he emerged…

Well, some joke that he'd been replaced by a forgery, but it still seems like Alan – just a suddenly more thoughtful, kinder Alan, one slower to anger and quicker to apologize. No one's complaining – others found the children, scared but alive. And Alan's already skilled work has improved a great deal – he might catch the eye of noble courts before long.

What Alan saw, or heard, or experienced, he is reluctant to talk about. But those who've pried it out of him hear a tale of stepping into a place that felt like a different level of real, and a feeling of clarity – of suddenly being more in touch with his feelings and the world around him.

Someone joked that he should head back out there and see if he can find a beautiful nymph.

Alan laughs at that joke, a little too hard.

What Alan encountered has something to do with fey magic. What exactly it is, depends on the class. But for example:

  • I'm leaning bard, so I'm keenly interested in the idea of Alan finding a fey musical instrument that's basically two bracers on each wrist, played by tapping them together in a dance-centered performance to create music.
  • If I go cleric, it could be a holy symbol but not to a god known to the world.
  • Or, if I go wizard, a book of spells – a valuable treasure, but only Alan can read it, for some reason.
If I had to choose any class, it'd be bard, with the College of Glamour. It's specifically fey flavored, and the theme of what you can do is perfect - you literally become too pretty to hit. And I like bards on general principle since I like being a little good at a lotta things. But I know that @jmucchiello is looking at bard as well (in addition to druid and sorcerer.) That said, if it were 100% my choice, I'd choose bard.

Now, at the time of first level, Alan doesn't yet know that Alan's a nymph. I figure a surprise like that is best shared with the group. 😁 So, while I would like this transformation to happen sooner rather than later (around level 3, when the College of Glamour kicks in, would be ideal) - it hasn't happened yet, and the circumstances of how it happens, whether it happens with Alan's foreknowledge or to Alan's considerable surprise, and why Alan was hidden away to begin with, and what being a nymph princess really means: I leave up to the GM. Be kind. Or don't. 😁

And @jmucchiello, try to let me know your final decision within the next day or so – if I haven't heard back, I'll pick bard.

Also, background is Guild Artisan - a neat little background that means I can properly color-coordinate those magical items and clothes that come from six different eras and five different cultures. 🙂


Hey all!

Imaro, at the risk of going back on what I said before, I have no problem with you playing a Shadar Kai gloom stalker ranger. I was able to find info on it fairly quickly on Google. Bear in mind I don't have that book it came from, but I do recognize it looks powerful...invisibility to those with darkvision and extra attacks and movement...really good abilities! 🦅

All I ask is for you (and everyone in the group for that matter) to keep it fun for everyone! The character sounds cool! Like underdark, shadow ranger. I can dig. 😎

Jmucchiello, I don't see any problem with "reskinning" wild shape to be "human shape."

Likewise, CHA is fine. If I let one person do it, everybody's gotta be able to! 😜

As far as druid OR bard, why not do both? I don't see it as a problem to have multiple bards, especially in a big group like this...

You got multiple got a band! Multi-tonal, tinkling, elf-dance-song bracelets sound better with accompaniment! 🥁🎻🎺

And yeah! Charlotte, I think you should definitely roll bard, because it sounds like that's where your heart is. Stick with your instincts!

Loving the whole Alan Oake story so far and I'm looking forward to seeing how this all plays out.

Good group here. Very fun!


--DM Jhary


I'm probably going to do the pixie stuff as a race. Pixie (5e Race) - D&D Wiki, I'm just intrigued by playing a tiny PC.

So, If I go straight Druid, She starts stuck in Pixie form and only gets to be human, using wild shape at 2nd level. I still want to be musical so I was hoping to find a Circle of Music or Circle of Song but no one's made one that is like the celestial song of the sphere kind of thing. Perhaps we can make one up. Give the druid a few bard spells and maybe a weaker bardic inspiration. :)

Since Alan is going to transform in game, I figure my character is already transformed since two transformations at 3rd-ish level would be a bit weird.

Of course if I were optimizing, I'd go rogue with pixie. :)
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I have her background ready:

Turvin Oldmill, son of Errol and Silma, worked at his parent's flour mill ever since he could remember. He had no siblings and the kids around the neighboring villages would tease him about that. He was told by his mother that they had had trouble conceiving a child until they were blessed with Turvin, named for his great-grandfather, who originally built the mill.

What she didn't tell him was Turvin was not really her offspring. He was given to her during a cold winter by a Fae creature, to raise as her own until his destiny was awakened. What that destiny would be, she did not know but she was desperate for a child and was willing to take in the creature's baby, who looked exactly like a human boy.

The mill employs half a dozen workers and Errol was hoping Turvin would take over the business when it was time.

Turvin was 6' 3” tall as his eighteen “birthday” was to be celebrated. He was a sturdy, strong boy, quick of wit and kind to others. On the morning of his birthday (or, the day Silma received the baby), he awoke to an utterly shocking development. His body had changed overnight from a tall human man to a short, kind of elvish woman. She was now barely a foot tall. Her face was more angular with ears that rose to a near point. But she was definitely not an elf as she also had wings. Wispy, thin wings like an insect.

Before she could scream in shock, a tiny fae creature appeared, floating in front of her on gossamer wings. “Good morning, Eov. It is time.”

“Time? Time for what? What have you done tome?” she shouted, her voice sounding unnaturally high pitched, but pretty like wind chimes. She stood on the bed in a manner she hoped was defiant. But she was looking down at the floor so far away worried how she would get down.

“Oh,dear, you don't know,” the faery said hovering in the air near the bed.

At that moment, Silma entered the room followed soon by Error. “What happ-- You? You've returned.”
“I did. And you did not tell Eov I was coming.”

“I-- I-- I didn't think you would return,” she said starting to cry. “I hoped you would never return.”
“Well, return I did. Come with me, Eov.”

“I don't know who you are but I'm not going anywhere with you,” the new fae cried.

For several minutes a clash of wills played out and in the end, the Fae decided this must be Eov's destiny, so she relented. “As you wish, Eov. Your destiny is yours to make, of course. I was hoping you would welcome going back to your real family. But do stay here among the humans if you believe you must. You will be where you will be. Good luck.”

The mill owners and their new daughter talked for several hours about what to do. They decided to say Turvin went to the city for the family business. “We can't call you Turvin. And I suspect you don't want to be called what the faery called you, Eov.”

“It was short for Eovin. I kind of like it. Eovin Silmalass.”

Errol was surprised by the surname but said nothing about it. “I don't see how you can work in the mill any more,”

“I know,” Eovin said. “I need to figure out who I am.”

“Maybe you should have gone with her.”

Eovin's wings fluttered and she lifted off the ground. She flew up to be eye level with her mother. “I'll figure it out without her.”

Steve Gorak

Hey guys,

i love where things are headed. I’m hesitating to switch back to my initial idea of a tiefling, with wings. Since we already have a character that can fly, I don’t think this would be a problem.
Any thoughts/comments/concerns?
Thanks and cheers,



Eovin is neutral good. She hasn't embraced her fae nature much, even if she stands only a foot tall, or so. (I need to add a physical description to her sheet.....)


I've added that description to the character sheet as well as a serviceable image of Eovin.

Not sure what to do for chapter one. I suppose at some point she has to leave her parents. But I haven't figured out why. (And I don't want the "orcs raid her village and leave her parents dead" trope.)