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[TD]OOC: [/TD]
[TD] Short rest is useless. Eovin should have 2nd level spells by now but she hasn't had a long rest with which to switch out her spells since day one of the game.[/TD]
(There was a long rest outside the castle before you started fighting your way up. That being said, this is a slow play by post game and I want it to be fun. I'm going to let you take a long rest here if you want. Decide as a group. It doesn't make a lot of narrative sense, but I'd rather everyone stick with it and have fun. This next battle would be the BBEG and then the castle is yours! 🏰)

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Steve Gorak

OOC: Selythin Initiative: 19

FYI, I'm neutral to taking a long rest. If we take a short one, Selythin will not use lay on hands on himself and will rather use HD. With a long rest, both these are unnecessary. I understand that it will be more fun to have all spell slots for the final fight, but it is one of the drawbacks of the casters with slots that don't refresh on short rests: I don't think we should plan on taking long rests before every final fights, but in this case, I don't mind either way. One thing though is that I have been saving Selythin's non-warlock slots exactly for this, so if long rests are more available than normal, then I will be using them more often.

Another alternative that I believe is an option in the DMG is to agree that non-warlock caster slots refresh on short rests, and warlock slots refresh after a combat (i.e. non-warlock slots refresh after 1h, warlock slots after 1 minute). I think this will keep things consistent and will likely be tons of fun for all ;-) The world is in turmoil after all, so perhaps magic is more available, or perhaps gods are watching our characters, who knows!

Selythin nods at Alan's resolve. Indeed, he r she is a worthy companion. With his sword drawn, Selythin walks next to the warrior, ready for a fight.

OOC: If you read this whole thread we've gained 2 levels and only had one long rest. That's what I'm talking about. Eovin has never had a 2nd level spell or spell slot because of lack of long rests.

EDIT: Apparently there was a long rest before we entered the tower a year ago. I missed it somehow. I've update Eovin's prepared spell list so she now has access to her 2nd level spells.
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HP: 21/21; AC: 15; Passive Per/Ins: 13/10; Spells: 2/4, 2/2

"I'm ready when you are," she says as she follows Alan and Selythin at ceiling height toward the master bedroom.


EDIT: Apparently there was a long rest before we entered the tower a year ago. I missed it somehow. I've update Eovin's prepared spell list so she now has access to her 2nd level spells

(Glad you got your spells. I'm still happy for you guys to take a long rest. No biggie. Also, didn't see in initiative for Eovin. If you wanna roll, go for it. Otherwise the order is Selythin, Alan, Eovin. Doesn't matter a lot when you're only fighting a couple or few monsters.)

Everyone checked their gear, looking to one another at the ready. Swords in hand the trio of heroes walked down the hallway toward the big double doors.

They could still hear cackling on the other side of the closed doors. On the other side of the doors they knew more violence awaited.

* * *

Steve Gorak

Selythin's black sword is drawn and his shield is ready. before pushing the door open, he focuses inwardly, and feels out the presence of evil. He'll relate whatever he perceives to his companions. Once done, he nods at them and asks "Ready?" One they nod back, he'll open the door.

OOC: use: Divine Sense As an action, you can open your awareness. Until the end of your next turn, you know the location of any celestial, fiend, or undead within 60 feet of you that is not behind total cover
4/5 uses left (per long rest)


(Please take your turns when you can cause it's PBP and slow, but the initiative order is Eovin, Selythin, Alan. Usually doesn't matter when you all go together.)

As the trio got close to the wide double doors they paused. Selythin stood ready, but focused inwardly. He felt the presence of two more fiends on the other side of the doors.

The cackling paused. "Who is it? Come in!"

* * *


Eovin flew up and through the tiny space the cracked double doors left. She looked around the dead queen's private bedchamber as she flitted about silently. There was a large canopy bed, multiple throw rugs made of exotic animal furs, a large fireplace (with fire roaring), a big table with rotted fruit, multiple cushioned wooden chairs around said table, and another smaller table to one side holding half empty bottles of spirits and wine.

Also, a hunched man wearing a ripped satin dress sat near the fire. He ran long-nailed fingers through his long beard. He wore a jeweled, golden crown to one side. A large ruby adorned a ring on his right hand. In his left, an ornate and bejeweled rod rested casually. He cackled and coughed periodically, egging his pets on.

Near the center of the nicely furnished apartment, two alligator-dogs with two-headed snakes for tales gnawed on the bones left over after what could only have been a hobgoblin snack (as in the hobgoblin was the snack and all that's left are the bones).

The wizard, Fib'Karna, wheezed with every breath. Occasionally he threw a moldy grape in the fire or mumbled about the crown on his head or the lord protector's ring on his finger. He kept waving the sceptre around.

None of the room occupants seemed to notice the door open slightly, even as Eovin rejoined the group.

(Alan can still take an action.)

* * *


Alan walked in, and regarded the wizard, and the ruins of a room that left him feeling a strong pang of loss that he couldn't articulate.

He regarded the wizard, and spoke - no opportunity of surprise, but his curiosity got the better of him. He had to know.

"Give me the scepter, please. And tell me if I am what they all say that I am."

Alan is holding an action BUT: he has readied an action to strike any foe that charges directly at him.


"Teehee. Haha. Hoohoo. The fair faerie wants to know if they is what they say they is...Hmm!?" The hunchbacked wizard wheezed and sneered. "The crown, ring and sceptre seem to think so...Stay! Stay!" Fib'Karna, still holding the rod too, gripped at the dead queen's crown, holding it tightly. "They're buzzing and hollering, but they're mine! Not yours! No! Mine!"

All three items began to emit a high-pitched whining, a distinct note each harmonizing with the others. Alan, Eovin, and Selythin could feel the objects reaching out to them.

The crown to the true queen, Aloe.

The scepter to the new grand vizier, Eovin.

The ring to the lord protector, Selythin.

The evil wizard Fib'Karna, pledged to Chaos, wearing the dead queen's ripped dress, started to thrash about. "You won't take them! Mine! They're mine!" The long-bearded man began to levitate up into the air, legs kicking. He was both laughing and screaming madly. He continued to grip the sceptre and crown. "Get her, my pets! Rip her to sheds! Destroy them all!"

The alligator-dogs, growling, turned from the gnawed bones of the hobgoblin and ran around either side of the table, attacking Alan. The young tailor dodged one attack only to be hit by another. Unfortunately, the rightful heir to the throne was caught by a toothy bite. (6 points of damage to Aloe!)

The wizard Fib'Karna kept floating up, stopping about 15 feet in the air, near the ceiling. He waved the grave vizier's rod around. The rod was glowing brighter and brighter. It was trailing smoke that was making the room hazy. His floating form was hard to see, blinking in and out of the thickening fog.

(Next round of actions Eovin, Selythin, Aloe, then Chaos Beasts)

* * *

Eovin casts faerie fire (appropriately) on as many of the beasts and the wizard as she can get in the area of effect. (Which is a 20 foot cube and should cover most of where the wizard was with his pets.) They are bathed in purple light. If they fail a DC 14 Dex save, everyone attacking them gets advantage as long as the spell lasts.

She also flies into the room along the ceiling.


Alan recoiled at the bite, and then focused their attention on one of the alligator dogs.

Alan muttered a quick spell, mending flesh...
Healing word! Elevated to 2nd level
Healing Word (2nd level): 2D4+3 = [4, 1]+3 = 8
which takes Alan back up to 19 / 21 HP.

And then took his time to utter a far more careful spell, filling the attacking crocodile-hound's ears with dissonant sounds designed to drive it away from him as fast as possible.
Dissonant Whispers: One of the creatures must make Wis DC13 save or take
Dissonant Whispers damage: 3D6 = [2, 2, 3] = 7
damage and forced to move away as fast as it can. A successful save is half damage and means they don't have to move.


Eovin's spell lit up the alligator-dogs. They both glowed with a purple fire that the floating wizard seemed to be lacking. (Advantage on attacks vs the chaos beasts, but not the wizard.)

Selythin sprang into the air and charged straight at the hovering, long-bearded wizard, Fib'Karna. His booming attack, however, was not enough to penetrate the magician's defenses. The wizard continued to blink in and out of existence before the trio's very eyes.

Aloe let the healing surge through their very core. They weren't about to go down without a fight! Also, the rightful heir to the throne muttered another powerful spell, this one directed at one of the alligator-dogs. Strange sounds filled it's ears and it recoiled in pain, charging away from Aloe across the room and whimpering near the fireplace.

The other alligator-dog chomped right at Aloe, but missed, making a loud snapping sound with its jaws.

The floating wizard also mumbled something, pointed his finger at Selythin in mid-air. Three glowing projectiles flew out and smashed into the young winged prince. (Magic Missile: 8 points of damage to Selythin!)

The wizard, Fib'Karna, kept making weird noises somewhere in-between a cackle and a cry. He thrashed about in the air, still gripping the sceptre, the crown, and the red ring. "You'll never take my treasures! They're mine, I tell you! Mine!"

(Turn order is still Eovin, Selythin, Aloe, then the wizard and alligator-dogs.)

* * *

Eovin casts hold person on the wizard. (Wisdom Save DC 14)

OOC: This saving throw should be made before the rest of the PCs go since if he fails the roll, everyone has advantage on attacks against him and the wizard can't take any actions.


The floating wizard made a strange noise and said: "Gack! Mmph!" He immediately dropped to the floor, limbs twisted at odd angles, frozen by the pixies's spell. (The wizard failed his check! Advantage on attacks!)

* * *

Steve Gorak

The pain from the magical attack waning, Selythin sees the wizard fall and smiles. He utters a foul sounding arcane curse, and leaps down, striking the helpless wizard

OOC: bonus action, cast hex, wizard has disadvantage to wisdom checks
Attack: cast booming blade and strike with black sword: attack 17, damage 11 from sword, plus 4 necrotic from hex. If the target moves, it takes 5 thunder damage

If the attack hits, Selythin will use diving smite, for an an additional 11 radiant damage

Total damage if attacks hits: 26 (11 slashing, 4 necrotic, 11 radiant) + 5 thunder if target moves

Note: Hexblade's curse active, concentrating on hex, HP 22/30, spell slots 2/3 level 1

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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