[5e] Dread Metrol, The Mourning After. (Horror) (OOC)

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I've been ill and therefore absent again; apologies. Fortunately I'm up and running again, so I'm catching up with my games now. Expect an IC post soon. (Posting this to all my games.)


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@Leatherhead do we have any info where to start that Vasile doesn't know better?
I mean, we're new here, she isn't. Even Yelisha knows more than we do.

Also, what would be a skill for "streetwise"?


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I suppose not, though Lazharis would know as much as Vasile. I mostly didn't want it to feel like the NPCs were just dragging you along for the ride.

For the record, Lazharis and Vasile are part of a different Unbroken Cell, which will make contacting the others more difficult than just walking up and knocking on a door.

There are three key places you can start looking:
  • The Cathedral Ruins. While the ruins themselves are officially off limits, and there is the ever possible threat of whatever destroyed the temple in the first place, many still sneak inside to pray or hold clandestine meetings. The locals turn a blind eye to the trespassing out of sympathy.
  • The Vice Houses, a Bordello/Casino/Bar mostly frequented by conscripts (who are not affiliated with the secret police a.k.a. Rats)
  • The Arena, a repurposed outdoors amphitheater that is being used by Houses Ghallanda and Jorrasco as a soup kitchen and field hospital.
And for the purposes of finding people in a city, Investigation would be a go-to skill.
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the magical equivalent to the number zero
I'll be online a lot less (if at all) the next two weeks or so, because of training days and vacation. DM, feel free to play my character as NPC in the meantime.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
You've probably already noticed, but I'm unable to keep up with my PbP posts. It seems I just cannot get the time to post; either work or my family take up too much of my time.

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to drop out. I really enjoyed playing with you guys and girls, and I don't really want to quit, but I don't see things changing for me in the short term.

Feel free to do with my character as the DM sees fit.

So long, and thanks for all the fish fun!

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