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D&D 5E 5E Sunless Citadel - CG

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Kuhl nods thanks to the kobold queen. He is prepared to respect the spaces they have claimed; his issue is with goblins. He suggests taking the long way round. "While knowing there are traps might offer us reassurance, going the long way round may prove safer," he suggests. The herd moves where it wants, but it always ends up in the fold, he tells himself.

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First Post
"I concur Kuhl," Davonshaw says after the tour. "Let's head back to where you found Zath'ras and I. I do believe there was a door there we could try this key on."

Charwoman Gene

Kuhl: The key feels slightly warm.

Assuming no objections you go back the way you went to find the dragon.

Kuhl: As you go east the key gets warmer, but as you turn north, it cools down.


First Post
With things concluded with the Kobolds, Zath'ras follows along to their next destination noting whatever he can about the place as he goes. He was sent here to investigate this place and while he could not give it the in-depth investigation he would like he can make note of things to come back to later should the opportunity present itself.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Kuhl is interested in the key's apparent special properties. "Can we wait a moment?" he asks.

He puts down his pack, and cuts off two feet from the rope on his explorer's pack, threads it through the opening at the butt of the key, making a thick lanyard from which the key dangles. He then turns back, and follows where the key leads, checking when it gets hotter, but being careful not to burn himself. "Can we explore this way?" he asks, setting out. He hopes others will follow.


Edgar, Paladin 1

Edgar watches Kuhl as he ties the rope to the key. "Can we explore this way?" asks Kuhl. "You're the scout." Edgar replies following a little behind.

[SBLOCK=Mini Stats]Passive Perception: 12
AC: 16
Initiative: +0
HP: 20/20 (HD: 2/2d10)

Halberd +5 10ft 1d10+3S
Halberd (Bonus action): +5 5ft 1d4+3B
Shortsword: +5 5ft 1d6+3P
Javelin: +5 30/120 1d6+3P

Devine Sense 3/3
Lay on Hands 10/10
Level 1: 2/2 Bless, Command, Wrathful Smite[/SBLOCK]

Charwoman Gene

Following the key, Kuhl leads you all back almost to the entrance of the dungeon.
Zathras and Dr. Davonshaw, despite not having traveled this way, both notice the air has the taste of freshness.

The large round room at the entrance had an unexplored door.
The key leads you to that room, getting very hot.
You carefully open the door.

The masonry walls of this twenty-foot-wide hall are in
poor repair. The far end has collapsed, filling the southern
section with rubble. The western wall is in much
better shape than the other walls, and it holds a stone
door with a rearing dragon carved in relief on it. The door
has a single keyhole, situated in the rearing dragon's
open mouth.


First Post
"Looks inviting," the good doctor says looking from the key to the statue. "But wouldn't it be prudent to search for traps or hidden compartments first?"

OOC: Perception [roll0]


First Post
OOC: Sorry all -- got hit with the flu I think yesterday - was all chilled in a warm room and knocked out tired -- woke up late today aching all over -- basically a sign I had been fighting something yesterday will do my best (no guarantees still recovering) to get something posted later today. Hope you all are feeling good and I should be back fully on my feet either today or tomorrow -- the after math generally only lasts about a day or two at the most.
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First Post
Zath'ras wondered what secrets lay beyond this dragon door, perhaps he would find much of what his mentor had sent him here to discover.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
The key is hot, and Kuhl does not want to burn himself. By taking a spare shirt and wrapping it around his hand, he thinks he can protect himself from burns. He tries this, and then tries to grab the key. If he can do so he looks at his companions, and says, "It seems unlikely no obold was ever curious enough to investigate this. I am suspicious of this lock, but we are here to investigate."

He takes a deep breath, and inserts the key and his fist into the maw of the carved creature on the door, in order to access the lock. He is tense -- images of childhood stories whereby magic locks come to life and show that they are hungry dance through his head. He's always liked his hand.

Charwoman Gene

As the door opens, a hissing noise and a puff of dust
around the door indicate that the chamber beyond has
been sealed for ages . Dust, long undisturbed, covers every
surface in this large gallery. The air here is stale.
Three alcoves are on the north wall, and one is on the
south wall. Each alcove contains a dust-covered stone
pedestal with a fist-sized crystalline globe resting on it.
The globes in the northern alcoves are cracked and dark,
but the globe in the southern alcove glows with a soft
blue light. Faint tinkling notes issue from it.


First Post
"This looks dangerous. Zath'ras if your feeling well enough do you want to take a look?" Davonshaw asks of his companion.

OOC: Get well soon DeJoker.

Charwoman Gene

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Just a general bump.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Kuhl releases the key, leaving it in the lock as they enter the room. He places his bag at the opening of the door, hoping it would block it if somehow an unseen mechanism were to snap it shut. He approaches the single glowing orb, and speaks over his shoulder to anyone who happens to be behind him.

He describes what he sees, as best he can. "Do you think it's safe to take?" he asks.

OOC: If anyone wants to take advantage on an investigation check, Kuhl is Helping.

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