D&D 5E 5E Survivor - Subclasses (Part XIII: Warlock)

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Limit Break Dancing
This is turning out to be a lot closer than I thought it would.

Angela Lansbury Popcorn GIF

are all rubbish. I need a better Tarot deck or something.


The High Aldwin
Archfey is the only one "cruising" to the finals, the rest are all in tug-of-wars between upvote and downvote trends.

Hexblade: 91 votes (57/24)
Genie: 58 votes (36/22)
Fiend: 53 votes (31/22)
Archfey: 28 votes (16/12)


The High Aldwin
Since 12 AM EST, votes today have done the following:

Archfey -7 (5 up/ 6 down)
Fiend -13 (7/10)
Genie -3 (9/6)
Hexblade -2 (14/8)

So, Genie and Hexblade seeing the strongest support going into the end, with Fiend being dumped on


Archfey 8
Fiend 7 - 2 = 5 Red seems to suit you, you should wear it more often
Genie 10
Hexblade 10 + 1 = 11 now Celestial has gone to the heavens, I pledge myself to serve a weird sword Patron because the powers are cool

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