5E War of the Burning Sky [IC]


Kincaid ties the rope around himself, bracing for the strain. Seeing the panic in the woman's eyes, he calls to her, "Don't worry, everything will be just fine now. Loop it around your body and under your arms, like so." And so he tries to talk her through it, hoping to calm her and distract her from the chaos of the scene. Then, saying another quick prayer to Athena under his breath, he calls again, "When you're ready, jump."

Kincaid tries to use Persuasion with his previously cast Guidance to calm the woman down and help her focus on tying a good knot. I don't know if it has any chance of success, but here goes:

He then will cast another Guidance on himself to brace for pulling up the woman before he gives her the signal to jump. This is a group athletics check:

Edit: Whoops, looks like the rolls didn't take, so I'll put them in a follow-up post.

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Steve Gorak

OOC: This is Davaros' strength check, and I also rolled it with advantage in case someone wants to give it to him. FYI, I think it makes sense for lower str character to give advantage to the higher strength ones, like Davaros

Str check: [roll0]
Str check with advantage if applicble: [roll1]

Edit: please add +2 if it's an athletics check, and not a straight strength check.
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The adventurers on the ground could see the ominous picture more clearly than could those on the roof. The woman took the end of the rope, looped it around herself, and then... well, her attempt to tie a knot could be called "flailing." She certainly didn't seem to know what she was doing.

Then they saw the flickering orange glow wash over her and realized the spreading flames had reached her position. She saw it too, and screamed, scrabbling to get through the broken window.
Those on the ground tightened their hold on their makeshift net, but she never fell upon it.

Her knot held, and Kincaid and Caleb managed to haul her up with little difficulty. Other than some cuts from the broken window and a touch of panicked shakiness, she seemed fine. They discovered that in her random passes of the rope she had managed to tie a perfect bowline by sheer chance.

Tossing the rope off of herself, she quickly, if somewhat shakily, made her way to the skybridge connecting her roof to that of the undamaged building next door.

OOC: 1d20+1d6=24.
Sorry for making y'all wait, I really should've just resolved that earlier.

Did you still want to try to collapse the bridge? It's a permanent structure, so that's quite a task.


OOC: Nah, let's keep the game moving. If Caleb saw that it would take a long time to take out, he would move on. Besides, I slowed us down enough with that stunt.

Caleb quickly starts spooling the rope back up as they make their way off the roof across the bridge. He smiles at Kincaid, "Athena be praised. Thank you for coming with me. I'm not sure I could have gotten her up without you."


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"Lets just hold it a few moments longer guys?" Kyrrie requests, looking up nervously at his companions. "Okay guys! You can stop stressing us out down here and get off that roof thanks!" He smiles up at them. Apparrently it was a job well done.

Steve Gorak

Davaros nods in satisfaction as the woman is pulled to safety. As he waits for his companions on the roof to come down, Davaros reflects on what the night may still have in store for them. With blood still dripping from his wounds, he is eager to get some rest.


"Yes, she has favored us all," Kincaid answers Caleb with a rare smile. "You were very brave to lead the way. Now let's get to safety and be on our way. I think we have some other business to attend to tonight."


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Toby agrees, thinking Yea lets get out of this city... the sooner the better. Too many crazy folk around these parts but he remains silent. He will again take position to the side of the group to keep an eye out for anymore trouble...


Caleb makes his way down to the street and makes sure the woman is safe before rejoining the group. "Sorry for the delay, but I believe we have somewhere to be, right?" he offers as he makes his way through the chaos in the streets towards the depository.

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