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5E War of the Burning Sky [IC]


Caleb falls back into the battle stance that he learned under Gabal. It was a rote routine after years of drills.

Shield up. Staff out. Support your allies.

As he saw Toby dash between the thug's legs, Caleb saw his opening and seized it. Fire traced along his staff racing towards the top where it gathered into roiling sphere of flame. He lowered the staff directly at the distracted thug and uttered a single arcane word, “אֵשׁ"

The flame leapt from the tip of the staff lengthening into a thin streak of fire that darted towards the distracted woman.

WOTBS Caleb initiative : 1D20+1 = [7]+1 = 8
Whew, just beat 'em.

WOTBS Caleb attack with Fire Bolt: 2D20.HIGH(1)+5 = [17, 14]+5 = 22
I went ahead and used the advantage from Toby. Hope that's okay.

WOTBS Caleb Fire Bolt damage: 1D10 = [5] = 5 [/sblock]

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First Post
The woman turned and took the blast of fire on her left shoulder, grunting in pain but as yet showing no sign of going down. Wincing, she yelled back towards the street in the front "Side door! They're trying to escape out the side door!"

As she turned, two pairs of iron manacles attached to her belt at her hip came into view.

[sblock=OoC]That's a hit. The thug takes 5 fire damage. She's hurt, but still has more than half her hp (I'll let you know when enemies don't--for those of you haven't played 4E or read the 5E DMG, we'll shorthand that as "bloodied").

Initiative order:
7 Enemies
Kyrrie, Toby, and Caleb

Anyone who beats 7 can still act first. Remember that one of you can declare actions for Torrent if you wish.[/sblock]


Knowing that clearing this crooked tooth woman is the only thing blocking the parties way at present, she rushes her, swinging her battleaxe witha strong overarm slice in the womans direction. Torrent sees the flash of the emblam on the womans arm. Unfortunately, the woman steps to the side with a horrid grin and a cackle.


:( I assumed if any of us could use her, there would be no objections to getting her to try and clear this lady blocking our path. Sorry all, Torrent missed.

_: 1D20+5 = [1]+5 = 6
1D8+3 = [4]+3 = 7



Kincaid got up from the table in a bit of a daze. This was all happening too quickly. As he saw his companions open the side door, he realized they were caught in an ambush. His eyes darting from the front door to the side, he made a decision. They would have to try to get out through the side door. He clutched at the symbol of Athena at his neck and pointing at the thug standing in the side door said one commanding word: "Flee."

[sblock]Kincaid cast Command at the thug with the command word of "Flee"[/sblock]

He then rushed into the alley way to follow Toby and Kyrrie.

[sblock=OOC]SuperZero, I don't think Kincaid has any particular reason for doubting Torrent, just a general sense of cautiousness. He is not prone to trusting strangers right away, and he is about to put his life on the line for this person.[/sblock]


First Post
"You killed Sauce!" the thug with the broken tooth yelled indignantly at Kyrrie, seeing where the dog lay. She rounded on him and swung her sap wide--but caught him hard on the shoulder, narrowly missing his face, on the back swing.


The door burst open under a second blow. Two more humans, similarly armed and armored to the first, stepped through and dropped their small ram. Each had a large crossbow hanging at the belt, but drew saps instead.


With an aggravated whinny, a horse barded in splint mail stepped in front of the alley. Sitting atop was a human who also wore splint armor along with an elegant emerald cloak. He was fairly young, possibly in his late 20s. He was fair with dark eyes, hair, and beard. His expression was impassive, and while he had a longsword in his right hand, he made no aggressive move towards Kyrrie, Toby, or Torrent. The sword wasn't even raised to strike. He simply looked at them, the broken-toothed thug, and the slain canine.


Were those screams in the distance? Who would be screaming?


A half-orc with a scar across his right eye suddenly darted down the stairs from where he'd been hiding on the landing. "If you drop your weapons and come easy," he said, "we won't have to damage your valuable little heads!" He was wearing leather armor and had a shortsword at his hip. In his hands was a heavy crossbow loaded with a blunted bolt; a quiver of similar bolts hung over his shoulder.
Despite his warning, he didn't actually wait for an answer before loosing a bolt at Caleb. The first glanced off of his armored shoulder, but the scarred half-orc reloaded the weapon lightning-quick and fired a second. It struck the man hard enough in the abdomen to hurt slightly despite his steel scales.


Two other similarly-armed half-orcs were quick on the heels of the first. Torrent ducked behind her shield and two of the blunted bolts clanged against it. Davaros wasn't so quick; one caught him in the shoulder and a second smacked into the side of his head.


The entire bar shuddered.

A fourth half-orc had started down the stairs, raising her own crossbow, when the ceiling above her caved in. Her scream mingled with several others--there had evidently been more of them creeping on the second floor--but was quickly cut off.
A chunk of the ceiling above the table where the adventurers' repast had been laid also fell in, sending cheese and various types of booze from broken bottles spraying in all directions as the table buckled.
Burning oil sprayed down through the hole and splashed around the table, as smaller rivulets sprayed all over from smaller, brand-new holes in the ceiling.
It was fairly easy to avoid, although the scarred half-orc grunted in pain as burning oil splashed his leg.

Outside, Kyrrie, Toby, and Torrent were treated to the sight of a dark draconic shape the size of a horse swooping away through the darkness.

"That was a dragonbomb..." said the man on the horse, his attention entirely diverted from the adventurers as he glared after the wyvern.

One of the dusty cloths thrown over the tables in the corner began to burn. The badly-damaged Poison Apple was probably a goner, but at least the danger of collapse wasn't imminent.

OOC: Torrent misses.
The thug makes her Wis save with a natural 20.

She attacks Kyrrie twice. The first attack misses, but the second hits and deals 6 bludgeoning damage.

Two additional Black Horse Thugs succeed in breaking in the door, enter, and draw saps.

The man on the horse approaches the alley, but does not attack or apparently do anything else.

Black Horse Scout 1 attacks Caleb twice. The first misses, the second hits for 3 bludgeoning damage.
Scout 2 attacks Torrent twice, and misses twice.
Scout 3 attacks Davaros twice. The first hits for 3 bludgeoning damage and the second hits for 11 bludgeoning damage.

The bar is hit with a bomb. The second floor is largely destroyed, killing other scouts. There is flaming rubble in the center of the room; it's difficult terrain and crossing it requires a Dex save to avoid damage.
Everyone inside the bar (Thugs 2 and 3, all Scouts, Caleb, Davaros, and Kincaid by my count) must make a Dex save or be burned by the spray of flaming oil (DC 10 or take 1 fire damage... there's not much of it below the second floor).
Scout 1 is burned. The other Black Horses make their saves.

The inn will eventually burn down and is already badly damaged enough to eventually collapse, but it's not immediately dangerous.

Initiative order:

All players' turns.

[sblock=Minor Note]You may have noticed that when I single out one of the nondistinct enemies (Thug 1, Scout 1), I'm giving them a gender and a distinguishing characteristic (female with broken tooth, male with scar over right eye) to give us a way to describe them.
If you single one out who hasn't had these traits assigned yet--targeting them for an attack, for instance--feel free to establish them yourself.[/sblock]
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With haste, Kyrrie attempts to knock the toothless woman off her feat with a shield bash, then, without entirely being aware as to whether he succeeded, sprints straight towards the horse.

He attempts to shove the man off.


Shield bash vs toothless:

_: 1D20+5 = [10]+5 = 15

Toothless gets a reaction against me, but if she is prone, it's at disadvantage.

I'll use my attack action to perform a normal 'shove' action, attempting to push the man 10ft away and basically off the horse!

_: 1D20+5 = [17]+5 = 22

If successful, we all run? Idk. If successful, Kyrrie will yell out for maybe up to two party members to hijack the horse and move it out of the way. If one person grabs it and rides it, the other, a spellcaster maybe could provide some ranged cover fire. Further, we will have an escape route.

Also... Oh god! I'm scared![/sblock]
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First Post
As Kyrrie shoved his shield into her, the thug tried to grab it. He twisted it, and down she went. Scrabbling on the ground, she took a hurried swing at his retreating legs and didn't meet with much success.

The man on horseback was startled when Kyrrie rushed him. He thrust his arm out towards the warrior making a sound like a short, harsh laugh, and a shimmering field of force appeared in the air. He seemed started by that as well, and it didn't do him much good.
But he was strong, and he managed to kick at Kyrrie and shove him off. "Get down!"

OOC: Thug 1 fails her Strength (Athletics) check, although it was close, and is prone. She makes her opportunity attack and misses.

The horseman casts shield (technically he can't since the trigger for the reaction wasn't met, but since he's sort of wasting it I figure nobody will object). He easily makes his Strength (Athletics) check (the natural 20 helped).

Initiative order:
PCs except Kyrrie

Anybody except Kyrrie's turn.


Kyrrie grits his teeth and cries out in frustration, before his eyes widen. He yells back at his other companions, "We need a clear path guys!"

He smiles for a moment before yelling again, "Can any of you make a wall of horse disappear?"


An arrow slips past Caleb's guard and strikes him hard in the gut. As he doubles over in pain, he reflexively takes a step back as a loud explosion rocks the pub and a splash of boiling oil strikes the spot where he was standing moments ago. “Ugh,” he groans in pain before seeing the oil splash and scorch the wooden floor. “You know what, I'm going to call that a win.”

Looking at the numbers quickly escalating and the structure collapsing, Caleb tries to see a way to support his allies and maneuvers himself for the best possible advantage before sending out a bead of magical force into his staff. “Let's see if we can't even these odds.” The staff momentarily flashed a bright blue before subtly fading to a dim, pulsing light as he spoke the arcane word of power that released the eldritch compulsion at their attackers, “לִישׁוֹן"

Caleb:13 (of 16) hp

WOTBS Caleb Dex Save for burning: 1D20+1 = [10]+1 = 11

Action: Cast Sleep with 1st level slot.
If needed, move to make sure that I am not targeting myself with this spell. Ideally, I want to catch as many of the bad guys entering the building as possible with the sleep spell (20 feet radius) without targeting any allies. By my reading, two came in the door and three down the stairs. I would target the two by the door over the three on the stairs if I can't hit both groups.

WOTBS Caleb sleep spell, total hit points of creatures affected: 5D8 = [3, 5, 4, 4, 3] = 19

If the two who came in the door go to sleep, I'll rush out that way. If not, I'll look for a table, bar, or something similar that is not on fire (or have oil above it), to move behind for some cover.[/sblock]


First Post
The soporific power of the spell washed over the grunts, but most managed to resist its effects. The scarred half-orc at the bottom of the stairs crumpled into a heap, apparently fast asleep.

OOC: Scout 1 falls asleep.
Thugs have quite a lot of HP for their CR...

Initiative order:
Davaros, Toby, and Kincaid
Kyrrie and Caleb

Davaros, Toby, and Kincaid's turns

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