D&D General 6 Ability Scores but 4 Classic Classes?

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I will give a little pushback in doing a 6-for-6... because if we are keeping things in the D&D mold... then I think what you really want is 12-for-6. You want six martial classes and six spellcasting classes. People always talk about there not being enough martial classes... so if you're going to do this, go all in and give out six full ones.


Strength: THE SLAYER
Constitution: THE TANK
Intelligence: THE TACTICIAN
Charisma: THE BRAVO


Strength: THE EVOKER
Dexterity: THE FILCHER
Constitution: THE BLOODED
Intelligence: THE SCHOLAR
Charisma: THE BINDER

Describe the Bravo, Evoker, and Flitcher? What are they? How do they use their primary scores?

(There are) 6 Ability Scores but (only) 1, 2, 4 Classic Classes?​


Three sir!
Cleric, Fighting Man, and Magic User ;)


Describe the Bravo, Evoker, and Flitcher? What are they? How do they use their primary scores?
The Bravo is your prototypical swashbuckler type... the guy who uses their bravado and charisma to fool their opponents into making mistakes, succumbing to feints, intimidating them with fancy footwork, etc. Think the Bravura Warlord as another example.

The Evoker is your standard evoker-- gathering powerful magical energy and then hurling attack spells across the battlefield. Because it's all brute destructive force rather than intricate spell design, the might of the caster allows them to power magic across long distances and take out swathes of enemies.

And the Filcher is your standard Spellthief (except with what I think is a better name.) They use their manual dexterity to twist and pull the threads of the Weave to unlock doors, tie things together, sneak items out or off of people and containers, etc. (along with precision strikes with rays and things-- attacks that are aimed rather than just bombarded like the Evoker does.)


Imma go combo breaker here because I absolutely hate the idea of SAD design.

Stick with 4 class templates, but Instead the abilities are not tied to a specific class, but can customize that class instead. This was done to various degrees of success in 3E/PF1. Mostly it was borked though, but I hope somebody runs with it someday.

Str - Jumping, climbing, prying, grappling, weapon use, etc...
Dex - Dodging, balancing, speed, weapon use, etc...
Con - Fortitude, endurance, physical resistance, etc...
Int - Tactics, technical application, etc...
Wis - Perception, internal will, etc...
Cha - Influence, leadership, etc...

Feats would combo the above into abilities and unlocks. Some classes would allow you to shortcut or ignore prerequisites. Like a ranger getting two weapon fighting despite not having a high enough Dex and Int or something along those lines. This way you can have a wide variety of types per class instead of being locked into the design paradigm that fighter is Str and Ranger is Dex, etc...
How does a 18 CHA 11 STR warrior help the party? The 18 CON, 12 Int Wizard?

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