[Adventure!] Daunton's Dead Rises Again DM: Dimsdale.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
OOC: When I was DM, natural 1 was always fail regardless of the system (i.e. in 3.5 1 on skill check wasn't failure by default) - I would totally drop you. Luckily, I'm not and dimsdale could be lenient...or he's just dying to show us what the mist does :)

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GM: Lenient?! Muuuhahahahahahah

As the minotaur grabs the rope to make his way across the paladin slips on the beam with his weight shifting to the right. To regain his balance the minotaur yanks at the rope to steady himself. The rope snaps due to the force exerted on it, which in turn, causes the large half man half bull to fall into the darkness below. In an instant after disappearing into the mist a sickening thud is heard.

[sblock=Paladin's Eyes Only]
ouch!!! You take 10 points damage from the fall and are prone. Surprisingly your can see as the walls around you glow from a strange mold. From a distance hear noises. As you stand and regain your senses you see that the dark mist, now floating 5 feet above you, creates a ceiling in the cavern you now notice you are in. Five passages lead out of the room. You hear noises now from all of them. Source of the noise is not known, but it is clear to you that you will find out soon.

Map coming soon.

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Goliath, straining against the weight of the minotaur lurches forward as the rope suddenly goes slack and finds himself stepping onto the narrow path over the chasm.
"Labraundos! Are you alright?"
Goliath is already hauling back the rope preparing to throw it down and pull the minotaur back barely noticing his huge boots are overflowing the width of the beam. He throws the rope down and passes over all the way to the witch, trailing the rope so that minotaur can catch it if he's alive.

Acrobatics (1d20+1=21) CRIT! :)

OOC: [MENTION=79956]dimsdale[/MENTION], I took liberty of using critical as enough to pass over the whole beam. I'll roll again if you think it is too much, no problem.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"I can't do anything. If we move the level, maybe the pit closes and he will be trapped there. If he doesn't respond, maybe we should go down and check? Can you lower my guard down, Orsik?"


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"I'm sore, but I'm about to have unwanted company in a five way chamber. I think I fell about 20 feet," says a voice from the mist below.

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