D&D 5E An Atlas of the D&D Worlds?

Lands of the People

Another page for the Atlas of D&D Worlds—the continent called the "Lands of the People", from DRAGON magazine #205. This continent was given two suggested placements:

1) East of the continent of Oerik on Oerth. This continent certainly does not exist in "Gary Gygax's D&D World of Greyhawk". Whether this continent exists in "WotC's D&D World of Greyhawk" is uncertain. It might only exist in "David Howery's D&D World of Greyhawk" (and in the Oerths of other DMs who placed it their in their campaign).
2) North of Maztica, as Anchorome on Toril. If so, then this continent moved to Aebir during the Spellplague. Perhaps it has returned through the Sundering.
Lands of the People.png
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The Lands of the People and Anchorome

Here I've juxtaposed the Lands of the People with the known shape of Anchorome, along with Maztica:
Land of the People, Anchorome, Maztica.png

A slight re-shaping of the shoreline of "Baja California" and "Florida" to match the Anchorome map would make for a close correspondence.
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Yarth is the alternate Oerth of the Sagard the Barbarian choose-your-own adventure gamebooks. (Yarth references: http://www.canonfire.com/wiki/index.php?title=Earth) Though reportedly developed under Gygax's Dungeon & Dragons Entertainment Corporation, the rights to Yarth are probably not held by WotC. The rights probably rest with Simon & Schuster and/or the Gygax estate.

Here's the four maps from the gamebooks, along with a composite map I made, placed side by side with the Flanaess of Oerth.

Yarth maps.png

yarth and flanaess.png
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Aquaria (New Empyrea)

WotC doesn't hold the rights to additions that Frank Mentzer has made in his recent self-publishing of Aquaria, but WotC does hold the rights to Aquaria as portrayed in the TSR adventure modules (named there as "New Empyrea"). Even though R4: Doc's Island explicitly says that New Empyrea is located in the Solnor Ocean east of the continent of Oerik, it's questionable as to whether Aquaria still exists in WotC's D&D World of Greyhawk, since it's not portrayed on the DRAGON Annual map of Oerth (shown earlier in this thread). Still, for 5E, Aquaria (or New Empyrea) could be returned to the map of Oerth.

Here's a list of Aquaria-related products. Here's a wiki article about Aquaria.

aquaria new empyrea.png

Here's one grognard's placement:
Or it could be the same continent as Gonduria.
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The Rock of Bral

The Rock of Bral is to Spelljammer as Sigil is to Planescape. A fitting inclusion in the Atlas of D&D Worlds.
rock of bral.png

There's some controversy as to which solar system the Rock is located in. (See the Guide to the Spheres PDF for an explanation.) The solution offered by Paul Westermeyer in the Guide is elegant: the "Rock of Bral" in Realmspace is really Dragon Rock, while the Rock of Bral (and its canonically associated planets) exists in a crystal sphere of its own: Bralspace. (It also exists in Hackspace, but I'm not getting into that because, AFAIK WotC doesn't hold the rights to Aldrazar even though that world was made through a license with WotC.)

However, another solution is to say that the Rock of Bral exists in both Realmspace and in Bralspace! This is the thinking:

Canonically, several D&D sites already exist in multiple D&D Worlds, for example:

  • The Keep on the Borderlands exists in Greyhawk, Mystara, and Nerath. (And Aldrazar)
  • The Caverns of Quasqueton exists in Greyhawk and Mystara. (And Aldrazar)
  • The Desert of Desolation exists in Toril and Nerath, and also has a suggested placement in Mystara.
  • The Sunless Citadel exists in Greyhawk (somewhere) and in Nerath.
  • The Isle of Dread exists in Mystara, Greyhawk, and Nerath.
  • And several of the later "generic" 2E-era adventures gave suggested placements in several worlds. (Night Below, Axe of the Dwarvish Lords, Apocalypse Stone)

Yes, that means that if a PC traveled through the planes or by spelljammer from one world to the next, and went to those locales, they would experience some major deja vu, and would meet NPCs who had the same name and personality as ones in their own world. That's the way the D&D worlds are.
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The Sundered Empire

As part of the Oerth world map, the Atlas of D&D Worlds would include the Sundered Empire, the setting of the 3e Chainmail miniatures game. The Sundered Empire is located in the far northwest corner of the continent of Oerik:

chainmail sundered empire.png


Though this might be treading into the domain of the Manual of the Planes, the Atlas of the D&D Multiverse could include Sigil. Here's a 2E version and 4E version:


The Black Moon Chronicles

This falls into the category of settings which are deeply tied to the D&D Worlds, but which for legal reasons could not be a part of the Atlas...unless WotC made an agreement with Francois Froideval.

Froideval was a TSR designer who co-designed the Master Set map of Urt, which later became Mystara. After he left TSR, he authored the Black Moon Chronicles, a French-language series of comic books which ran from the 1970s, and are now a MMPORPG. This area is located in far western Oerik, south of the Sundered Empire.

The Empire of Lhynn, the Tharquish Empire, Ishtarland, and the Red Kingdom are from the Black Moon Chronicles. These are all on the TSR map of Oerth--see the DRAGON Annual map earlier in this thread.

Here's a map from the MMORPG:
Black Moon Chronicles.png
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