D&D General an idea to let pcs raise abilities

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first you have to localize a teacher of a level 1 point higher than the stat you wish to develop;

the six types of teachers are :

Str : Elementalist
Dex : Illusionnist
Con : Druid
Int : Psionicist
Wis : Priest
Cha : Bard

say you have a 15 Str, to upgrade it you must find an elementalist of level 16;
then time required to raise your ability is n months ( i.e. to raise a 16 you must train 16 months )
of course the higher the teacher level the less common it will appear to folks...

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I wouldn’t divide it up like that, but my group has played with the idea of allowing characters to gain feats, gestalt levels, and attributes increases by either paying for special training or searching to particular experts that could help teach or unlock new powers and skill sets.

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