D&D 5E Annoying warlock invocation names


I know I'm just being a crumudgeon here...its probably the engineer in me...but the 4e-esque invocation names for warlocks annoy me. Ethereal stride makes sense....but how about names that just tell me what the power does with a word or two. Visage of the summer court? How just mass charm or circle of enchantment?

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But Visage of the Summer Court does describe what it does. It grants you the visage of the summer court. The charm effect is just a way of mechanically representing that.


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Mass Charm isn't what Visage would be anyway. Mass Charm is a daily wizard spell that auto-hits weak enemies. It probably had a different range and possibly duration.

As others have said, I love the warlock power names and fluff. Easy to chop out, but cool for those who enjoy it.

Jeff Carlsen

Flavorful names are great, but only so long as they're in-setting flavor. Otherwise, I'd prefer plain, descriptive names for reference.


I like the flavorful names from 4e. Not to mention the ones from the Conan RPG, my favorite "Awful Rite of the Werebeast". The make the warlock feel more S&S and less high fantasy.

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