Another Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer


A Wicked Kendragon
Technically speaking, wasn't the whole breaking their programming thing already the main plot of T1? You know, Skynet. ;)


Minor spoilers in this.

This guy's usually Mr Positive about everything.

Rewatching TSCC this week and it might be better than the first time around.


Early screenings.

Spoilers apparently were correct.

It hasn't been reviewed bombed yet but it's mixed. Median review scores on Metacritic but not many reviews.

Probably better than Genesys and Salvation bit worse than T3 with the TV show being the highlight after T2 ( personally would argue T3 as well).

1st ten minutes will make it break this movie. You'll love it or hate it. This movies going to get reviewed bombed back to the stone age. If it involves the first ten minutes it's legit IMHO.

Visual effects are a bit meh the trailers were accurate- bad CG.

So not awful not great probably ymmv.
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