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D&D (2024) Are You Happy with the Selection of Subclasses?

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I remain saddened that the Schools of Wizardry weren't bundled together in one sub with concepts like Bladesinger, War Mage and Scribe moved to the PHB
Merging the schools doesn't work. There are too many subclass abilities to fit (at least 25 abilities with lots of wordcount). It would take up almost the same pagecount as all 8 subclasses.


Happy? ... eh? Let's say ... these aren't the choices I'd have made, but looking at the whole it's fine. There's a decent diversity of character options. Sure, Wizard and Clerics are looking at the long list they got in 2014 and sighing, and I'll agree that reprinting subclasses from Tasha's when some of the the Xanathar subclasses need some reworking is annoying. But, otoh, given the size of the project here, and the tempo of just playtest packets, I get that it does reduce the workload to take what is working and move it forward and give it more prominence. I don't think the Aberrant Mind Sorcerer replaces the Psion, but having a strongly psionic themed character option in the PHB is something.


Considering that wotc has never used villainous NPCs built using the PC rules, I imagine they are going to be quietly retired.
WOTC didn't do anything with their DMG. That's why revising it is one of their priorities.

But I 100% believe the Oathbreaker is returning to the DMG. 75% with Death Domain. 50% on Necromancy. 10% on Undead Warlock or Shadow Sorcery.

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