D&D 5E Basic Game cover mockup


So I'm not sure how to put in thumbnails of these covers that link to larger versions.

I agree that the logo and bar are hard to read on the red dragon. I adjusted the cover so that those elements have a white border around them making them stand out more. I also found a much higher resolution version of the dragon and repositioned the artwork and titles slightly. I tried a version where all the red elements were black and they had just too little pop and would need the white outline as well to stand out.

This version is about 164 dpi when printed 8.5 inches wide.


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I really like the mockup covers. Now this is what I want to see more of - scenes of action and adventure, not some characters standing around trying to do kewl posses (i.e. the 4e PHB covers).


Thanks for all the feedback and compliments!

With the thought that they might offer a print version, or for those of you who might print it yourself, here's a super-sized 300 DPI 18.1 inch by 11.1 inch Player's Handbook cover sized version of a full cover mockup inspired by the pictures of the cover mockups posted online.

I had to reverse the graphic of the red dragon, but that allowed the claws to grace the back! Sorry for the size, I wanted to make it at least 300 dpi so the text would look ok when printed. (At least I hope it does.)

The back cover also, doesn't fully match the official ones as I didn't want to have to trace all of the jagged webbing.

To get the best effect, you might need to save it and open it in an image viewer.




Any chance that you might be able to do an A4 version of cover us no US folks :) please.

Sure! It'll probably be tomorrow (at least 8 hours from when I posted this) as it is late and I am going to bed haha!

I'll try and make Letter (8.5 in. x 11 in.) Front and Back covers as well as A4 (297mm x 210mm?) Front and Back.

The dimensions of the full cover I posted above (11.1 in. (H) x 8.6 in. (W) x 0.9 in (Thick)) come from the dimensions of the 3.5E Player's Handbook listed on Amazon.com. (8.6*2+0.9=18.1 in. wide by 11.1 in tall)

I also noticed a missing 'and' on the back and I'll try and remember to fix that as well. ;)



Here's my attempt :p

I was looking at that image thinking, "Wow, that's really nice!" Then I saw the link. You had me going there, hehe.

Anyway that's cool, I'll have to check that rules PDF out!

Edit: I thought the PDF was the entire rules, but it's just the Table of Contents. Still cool though!
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Yeah full PDF of rules release same time as the Starter Set (not sure if the same 3rd July WotC affiliate stores release, or standard release 2 weeks later)


Updated Mockups & New A4 Sized Mockups

Thanks for your patience with the A4 mockups, I was dealing with other computer issues. :D

Changes to this round include:
  • Adding the missing word "and" on the back. See if you can spot it.
  • Updated the logos (hardly noticeable)
  • Changed the non-dragony red bits to more closely match the red from the Starter Set PDF released yesterday.
  • A new A4 version!

Again, the full covers are slightly larger than 2 Letter (or A4) pages + 1 spine width. The front and back only jpegs are exactly Letter and A4 sized. All these jpegs are 300 dpi and I saved them at maximum JPEG quality to avoid annoying artifacts in the red areas. Sorry for their large size.

To keep the size separation easier I will attach the Letter covers here and the A4 covers in another post.

Letter Covers:

Full Cover:
Basic Game - Letter Cover - Full.jpg

Front Cover:
Basic Game - Letter Cover - Front .jpg

Back Cover:
Basic Game - Letter Cover - Back.jpg


Finally we have the 3 core book covers all sharing a bit of themselves for the Basic version, so I figured why not all 3 covers sharing the Basic Rules/Game cover?

Let me know what ya think and I hope you enjoy them!

I quite like the tri-cover version. It quite a clever idea.

I would be inclined to reverse the beholder image so as to be able to crop out the crazy (cross?)-eyed fleeing adventurer in favour of the dwarf standing his ground.



Thanks for your patience with the A4 mockups, I was dealing with other computer issues. :D
If I may be pardoned for borrowing a movie quote: "Holy Mary, mother of God. Would you look at that..."
These are frickin' AWESOME and exactly the kind of imagery I want on my rule book. Now if I could only print them and have them look that good...


An update on cover mockups

I thought I'd mention here that I have uploaded new PDFs to the downloads area here that have multiple cover art options in Letter and A4 sizes.

Now you can pick and choose different art, "Player's Basic Rules" and "DM's Rules" texts etc. Just use Adobe Reader or another PDF viewer with layer support to choose which options you want.


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