BattleStar Galactica #20:Daybreak (2) Season 4--2009/Finale

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Their own, personal Jesus, basically.

Personally, I don't see it.

I mean there is the whole resurrection aspect, and the "with you to the end of the age," followed by the disappearance, or sort of vague ascension. At the end with Lee.

But from her erratic and often self-involved behavior, I find it hard to measure the similarities properly.

I just never saw Jesus as embodied as a character or personality. Maybe some of his traits or aspects divided among different characters.

Galactica struck me as more of a Jesus figure than any person in the show. I'm not dismissing your analysis as silly or unimportant, mind you, just saying I have a hard time seeing it as a direct corollation.

It's like saying John Locke in Lost is Jesus cause he was resurrected. He has semi-divine aspects, but it's not a straight overlay or representation to me. The Island to me is more like Jesus than the people are.

I'll tell you who did strike me though as a more or less intact embodiment:
Baltar as the Apostle Paul. And Caprica struck me a lot like Mary Magdalene.
Those too are far from perfect "types" though.

But, as with most shows, or books, or literature, or film, that represent religious and mythological figures I think such shows mix-up and re-represent such figures in different and amalgamated ways in order to stress certain plot ideas and themes.

I think this is because they want to extrapolate or expound upon those characters and who they represent than just do a direct retelling.

So they "re-encode" the symbols rather than just decipher them.


I think the ending would have been better if Kara appeared with Caprica and Baltar ... giving us some more clues of what she was.

I think she was some sort of angel, but at the same time taking human form made her human ... just with some sort of destiny.

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