Battlestar Galactica #13: The Oath/2009/Season 4 Finale

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Man, that episode was fantastic. The last two have just been build up, build up, and finally BLAM. Great, great show.

I love the fact that Zarek is actually DOING something (well, okay it's Gaeta mostly) but at least Zarek's plots are actually coming to some sort of fruition. He's been hanging around menacingly for so long, he's almost become a bit of a joke. This episode is also fun because it's hard to see a way out of it. There's clearly a lot of mutineers. How could the fleet possibly survive without providing amnesty? There was a pilot shortage to begin with, after all.

The show is winding down, I don't actually mind if there's a bit of a bloodbath amongst the characters. Can't wait until next week.


-Next ep trailer in spoilers-

Trailers for next ep:
[ame=]YouTube - Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Episode 14 Promo - Blood on the Scales[/ame]

Ooh. Roslyn is gonna go kick some butt!


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