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Battlestar Galactica#11-Sometimes a Great Notion/Season 4 Finale


I guess the one thing we've glossed over so far is this:

3,600 years ago, a race of artificial humans, call them Proto Clyons, left Kobol as the "13th tribe". They settled on Earth.

2,000 years ago, the civilizatrion of those same proto-Cylons, the 13th tribe, was nuked into oblivion and the Earth rendered uninhabitable.

Now, a handful of the 13th Tribe are alive and among the current Colonial fleet.

So, the obvious question: what or WHO caused the destruction of the 13th tribe, 2,000 years ago?.

If it's a who, was it an external WHO? Is there SOMEBODY ELSE out there? And if so, who is it?

Is that somebody else the power that restored Kara Thrace to life /split her in a timestream and sent her back to the Colonial fleet? And if so, why?
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At this point, I'm thinking humans on Earth made Cylons, Cylons rose up & destroyed humans, taking over the planet. Then, for reasons as yet unknown*, the Terran Cylons wiped each other out in a nuclear holocaust...but not before a bunch of Cylons got away, carting with them some human dna. The "exodus" of the 13th tribe is, in effect, wrong; it occurred in the opposite direction.

Those escaping Cylons used genetic engineering to bring back humanity as a counterbalancing ethical force/lab rats/pets to see where they went wrong on Earth and avoid repeating the armageddon.

The series we've been watching the past few years, thus, started when the "experiment" was deemed to be over. Either it was deemed a failure or irrelevant- and the "destroyers" had risen to power again, intent upon destroying humanity. IOW, they have forgotten the lessons of the past.

* In the light of my speculations, it was because the human-form cylons were living as humans, rather than as Cylons...a disruption within the Cylon unity. Think of it like mechanical racism.


So, they emphasized again that the Admiral knew the Drunk for 30 years. Are we set with the idea that skin jobs age?


So, they emphasized again that the Admiral knew the Drunk for 30 years. Are we set with the idea that skin jobs age?

In Season 2, they had an episode set at least a decade in the past when Adama recruited Tigh to be his XO. He definitely aged.

I watched 7 hours of BSG yesterday, as I had to catch up on the five previous episodes. What a glorious time.


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IIRC Bill Adama's personell file in the episode "Hero" showed the year as being around 21311, so it's clearly the very distant future (the 214th century).

This does assume that the colonies for some reason used a Gregorian calendar. I'm not saying that's impossible, just unlikely.

Of course, that only affects the dates of your theory. The details sound plausible enough.

Well, an interesting start for the second half.

What's up with Starbuck. She crashes on a gas planet, and months later returns with the memory of seeing Earth to Galactica. But she also lies dead in the wreck of her Viper on Earth? How did she get there? Who is the surviving Starbuck?

So, at least Tigh and Tyrol have distinct memories of dying on Earth. Apparantly, the people dying on Earth were Cylons, not humans. How did the dead get over to the 12 Colonies?
Is it possible that the Earth-Cylons also had a part of the resurrection technology and send their "souls" in direction of the 12 Colonies, where they were recreated (maybe their signal just travelled 2,000 years to reach a resurrection pond prototype? Or is reincarnation a general "fact" in the BSG

Well, suffice to see I can't wait for the next episode(s). ;)


Urgh all the angst. It was crawling in the middle. Just utterly depressing and downbeat.
I'm glad there's just a few more eps left.


I think the confrontation between Adama and Tigh would have played better without guns involved. After Dualla... a gun adds nothing to the scene. All we needed was Adama drunker than Tigh and the XO being the voice of reason.

Other than that I enjoyed the hell out of all the non-enjoyment on display. I liked the reveals, the portrayals of the various breakdowns, Starbuck's quasi-auto-Viking funeral.

As to where they're headed? Into a bittersweet future. Someplace they find a reason to go on. Nothing more. Or less.


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Not a bad episode - I was suitably impressed after suffering through the near-unwatchable drek that was Season 3, and the only marginally better (but still poor) S4. If I could follow along, and things make at least semi-sense, I give it a thumbs-up.

I liked what I saw, and I think that wingsandsword's theory is definitely plausible (and the most reasonable I've seen so far).

I also think without a doubt the 5 "original"/from-Earth cylons age. Those ones are essentially human (unlike the "I can plug into computers" nonsensical cylons - boy, that was a dumb idea). I think those 5 age, die, and get "reborn" (as per Ellen) - that's how their particular society worked. (The resurrection ship is a newer version of that same technology.)

My guess is that the 13th tribe cylons on Earth blew themselves all to hell - like what humans are wont to due in certain sub-genres of science fiction. My further theory is that there may be some survivors who stayed/are underground and cloned Starbuck (yes, that really is her corpse) and sent her back. Maybe. (Heh... crazy working theory, subject to change, etc etc)

I'm glad I suffered through the drek - hoping for the big payoff (looks good so far).

[Agreed with Mallus with the Adama/Tigh scene. The guns just made it silly and cliche.]

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