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Battlestar Galactica#11-Sometimes a Great Notion/Season 4 Finale

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Moderator Emeritus
What if they are all humans?

Baltar and the Cylons are capable of distinguishing Cylons and Humans. So they are apparently not the same.

But apparently, there are different kinds of cylons, even skin jobs. . . So all the "humans" could really be some kind of cylon creation, and all the 8 and 5 stuff is more mythic BS.

The show has shown a total willingness to undermine what has been ostensibly established. I think that is what I like about it.


I still think it more likely that Kara is related to the Cylons rather there being some kind of weird time travel or other form of cloning... I think that there is a distinct possibility that there is another twist waiting, like how it was revealed that the 13th Colony was a colony of Cylons. 12 Models... 13 Colonies? Just does not add up, :) .

Other possibilities, or related ones... Maybe Kara is descended from humans and Cylons, or maybe in some weird fashion maybe she is the " daughter " of Ellen and Saul. That would certainly be an interesting way to explain why they hated each other so much...

[Edit: Or maybe she is just the Cylon God...]

Mark Hope

There is also the possibility that she is related to the "Beings of Light" from the old series. We haven't seen them yet, but there was something damn strange about that cylon raider she chased into the maelstrom. Not sure what it might mean or how it might be developed, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Also, did we ever learn more about that cylon fleet that was hiding in the nebula during the "All Along the Watchtower" sequence when Kara reappeared? I can't remember.

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