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Before the Rise of Tiamat


"Is there any problem food can't help with? Wish I still had a spot of cake left though. And a few sausages. Oh well, take what Yondalla's cornucopia provides I suppose." Lyle sighs contentedly and lets out a loud burp.
"Right, I bet those Kobolds will scatter before a group this large. The back door it is."


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The lies of Lyle and Grimnir get the crowd ready to run for it; suddenly the commotion outside falls to a dull roar, except for a shouted command you can't quite make out, and then a sudden crash at the front door, which visibly cracks and splinters at the impact. Clearly, the time has come; Aiden throws open the back door and the three of you rush out, taking up a defensive position while the two dozen or so civilians dash past and begin fanning out toward the keep. The kobolds begin chasing after the fleeing noncombatants, as is typical of their cowardly impulses, but the three cultists with their two "pets" immediately orient on all of you.

(Initiative one more time guys. You're facing five total combatants, two of which are leashed to three others, although that probably won't last past the first round. And since your goal is to protect the civilians more than it is to beat the villains, who are after all only one group out of a swarm overrunning the whole town, you shouldn't be afraid to make a fighting retreat out of this rather than standing your ground. Even without the kobolds, this is a fairly overwhelming force you're dealing with, as the Ambush Drakes are CR 1/2 each and the cultists boost that still more.)


So I'm hoping to drop a thunderwave. But of course, my init roll was weak. Hopefully there'll be an opening for Mornok to wade into.


OOC: Coyote Code appears to be down, so I'll roll physical dice:
Cultist in black armor: 1d20+1 = 13
Green ambush drake: 1d20+2 = 3
Cultist in purple armor: 1d20+1 = 19
Red ambush drake: 1d20+2 = 11
Cultist in gold robes: 1d20+1 = 21

Fudging one of those numbers just a tad for the sake of the flavor text I've written below. Mornok can take an action before the cultist in purple has his full turn, but we'll pretend he had a readied action or something, so that he can do what I felt like describing him doing.

The less armored-looking of the cultists isn't holding the leash of one of the fearsome-looking drakes; instead, he pulls an odd-looking instrument out of his gold-fringed black robe, blowing a mighty blast on it while falling back to get out of the drakes' way. The beasts are clearly eager to attack Mornok and Lyle, probably because they're still bleeding from fresh wounds, but the cultist who's wearing purple-tinged leathers wrangles his red-scaled drake over toward Grimnir, since he's clearly standing with the most confidence and power (on account of his full hit points). Fortunately, the storm cleric has a moment to respond before the cultist can release his creature's leash and free it to attack.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
As he comes out of the temple running, Grimnir senses the cultist with gold frayed robes has his eye on him, and the dwarf instinctually points a finger at him.

”Umberlee take you,” he mutters, and a splash of magical water erupts from the cleric’s fingertip.

OOC: Casting the Sacred Flame cantrip at the cultist. Target needs to make a DC14 Dex saving throw or take 1d8 radiant damage.

Sacred Flame damage: 1D8 = [3] = 3

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