D&D 5E Best Dragon Sorcerer?


I'm aware the Dragon sorcerer isn't the best Sorcerer but what's the best element to use?

Traditionally it's fire due to the quantity of fire spells. Eg lightning lacks a ranged cantrip. Everything else that's not fire or lightning lacks an efficient level 3 boom spell.

However Xanathars adds some reprinted 2E and new spells.

Tashas adds metamagic adept feat and transmute spell metamagic.

There's also some odd builds eg melee fire and lightning sorcerers using shocking grasp or green flame blade vs a ranged build which people probably go for.

Fire us still probably "the best". But it's also one of the most resisted/immune elements.

Poisons the worst. The most resisted elements and it generally targets constitution saves. Frost also generally targets constitution saves. Acid is great but very anemic spell list but there's spells like chromatic orb and dragons breath and vitriolic sphere so you really only need the odd transmuted acid ball.

My personal list. Best to worst.


If I was playing one would probably go for a melee fire Dragon build or a ranged Acid build. Lack of ranged lightning cantrip bugs me and Acid is a useful element.

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I am a fan of the acid for my Dragon Sorcerer. I typically like to find a way to get Primal Savagery on this Sorcerer, and of course go Black Dragonborn for extra damage with the Acid Breath.


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Anyone's DM let you also pick dragon type/resistance from the Gem Dragon's in Fizban's? If so, how does this affect the choices?


Anyone's DM let you also pick dragon type/resistance from the Gem Dragon's in Fizban's? If so, how does this affect the choices?

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The Gem dragon damage is "better" but I imagine you woukd be hard pressed due to spell availability.

Thunder may be am optio an you can transmute a thunder ball or bolt I suppose.

Radiant probably not viable necrotic maybe, force maybe, psychic maybe.

I'll Google some. Spell lists.

Radiant no
Psychic No
Radiant no
Thunder yes
Force yes.

This is based on viable sorcerer spells.

If you overhauled the classes providing access to new spells from other class lists like Tashas Sorcerers you would have a viable spell list. Force needs eldritch blast for example, radiant guiding bolt and sacred flame.
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See if your DM will let you pick suitable spells from other class lists. For some reason Acid Arrow isn't on the sorcerer list. Frost Fingers is only on the wizard list, and only in RotFM.

As DM, I would let a draconic sorcerer pick anything reasonable.

House Rule: A draconic sorcerer can select spells from the sorcerer list or any class list if it does the appropriate damage type.


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I also have a whole host of homebrew spells, so I have plenty of options for my players to pick thematic elemental spells for their casters, Sorcerers included.


This is one of those subclasses where swerving into the thematic elements can make or break it. As a DM, when a player comes to me and says they want to be a Dragonborn or a Dragon Sorcerer, I talk to them about options and ask how they want to pull things from the characteristics of the stereotypes held to the dragon type that they're drawing upon. If they want to steer away, fine.

However, if they want to steer into it, I buy in and build upon it. I find it makes the game a lot better. I make sure there are opportunities for them to play up on the trickster elements of a Copper Dragon. I make sure that there are cold based enemies for a Silver Dragon Sorcerer to face. I add homebrew spells to the available list that fit the ematic elements of the breath weapons (including giving metallic inspired sorcerers/dragonborn something that ties to the second breath of the underlying dragon).

For example, I gave a Copper Dragon Sorcerer a 'Boon' after they 'saved'(?) a Temple of Bahamut that allowed them to use spell slots to make a slow cone (30 foot cone for 3rd level slot, 60 foot for 5th level slot, 90 foot for 7th level slot). I also incorporated a staff into that game that does several things including duplicating Copper Dragon Lair actions and Legendary Actions (specifically for Legendary: allowing the Detection, Wing attack, a Tail attack, or casting a spell up to 3 total times per day as a reaction at the end of an opponent's turn as the trigger).

If you want to play one of these Draconic mechanics, I thoroughly encourage you to talk to the DM about how they'll approach it - and if it isn't with gusto and eagerness, I'd save it for a different game later on.


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Dragon Sorcerer should've been errata'd to get bonus spells, like they were intending to do with Storm before they got the exact wrong lesson from the associated feedback.

E.g. for an Amethyst Dragon Sorcerer, something like:
  1. magic missile, Tenser's floating disk
  2. alter self, misty step
  3. dispel magic, pulse wave (Wildemount spell)
  4. dimension door, Otiluke's resilient sphere
  5. Bigby's hand, wall of force
That gives solid utility, several non-Sorcerer spells, and preserves the force/psychic association of amethyst dragons. If concerned about the larger spell list, perhaps the sorcerer can pick one spell from each level to access each day.


Just take an Elemental Spell and learn it as another Element (Fireball->Acidball, Cone fo Cold -> Cone of Thunder, etc.). As long as it is not somewhing special like radiant or force, the GM should have no objections to that.

That should make all Dragonborn-Types more useable and balanced.

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