D&D Movie/TV Check Out Hugh Grant's D&D Movie Costume!

Posted by the Daily Mail, Hugh Grant was pictured at Somerset's Wells Cathedral in full costume. Hugh Grant plays the villain in the movie, which also stars Chris Pine, Regé-Jean Page, Michelle Rodriguez, and Justice Smith.

See the link for more photos!



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The audience has to be convinced. And doing that when everyone going in knows he will be the villain makes that suspension of disbelief a lot harder. I am trying to think of any recent movies or TV shows where they actually succeeded in making the announced villain actor not seem like a villain from the first moment they appear on-screen.
It doesn't matter if the audience know who the villain is.

The Phantom Menace has an audience know who the villain is from the start, but the protagonists never find out.

Also, Columbo.

And Paddington 2.

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Von Ether

Ah! Eureka! Grant’s character is fulfilling the “NPC benefactor who betrays them,” trope.
Now all we need is a ensemble character Did you clear they’re doing something near impossible when another character tells them the odds are probably 1 in 20.

And of course the character pulls it off.

After LotR & GoT, my expectations for production values are high....so hopefully that costume will look awesome in context, rather than how it looks in the cold light of day, next to the PA's car. That said, Hugh Grants' expression suggests rue was on the lunch menu.

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