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Yes. A lot of actors do, actually.
I suppose. Looking at his Wikipedia page, I see that he is uncomfortable with his celebrity and with the media in general, so he probably just doesn’t enjoy doing interviews to promote his movies.

I also wonder if it has to do with him being older than everyone else. He is old enough to be Sophia Lillis’ grandfather, after all.


Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
Hugh seems uncomfortable in a lot of those interviews. A bit out of his element maybe? Lots of innuendo which feels kind of misplaced to me. Anyone else think so or is it just me?

He could just be playing up his awkward guy persona, I suppose.
He definitely does seem uncomfortable. Probably a combination of both of those factors, as well as presumably not being confident in what he is or isn’t allowed to say yet.

Yeah. On the Comic Con panel he looked really uncomfortable (I don't think he likes such things).....though he played well with the S&M / D&D mix up gag!


I crit!
I think the actors confirm that Hugh does play a villain. Sort of.

Also more about how funny it was and that the clip of the graveyard got laughter from the crowd.

Also 2billion if hours of D&D watched?! Live streams?! I wonder who told them that and if it’s an accurate quote and if it’s possibly true.

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