D&D Movie/TV Check Out The D&D Movie's Cast -- In Costume!

At San Diego Comic Con, next year's D&D movie, Honor Among Thieves, is getting a preview. Additionally, there's a 'tavern experience' where visitors can interact with D&D monsters and drink 'dragon brew', and at which is also displayed images of the cast of the movie in costume! everything below comes from that tavern experience, but there is an official panel/event later today (Thursday).


Photo: ComicBook.com​

Various media outlets are there and are posting previews and photos:

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The Dragon looks horrible, I hope thats just for the Tavern and not from the Film.

The others look fine, very modern with the rocking Bard, Action Poses and Thiefling. I had hoped for something more classic like LOTR (with a bit more magic), but Vox Machina was also very modern looking and awesome .. so I will wait and hope for the best.

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