D&D Movie/TV Check Out The D&D Movie's Cast -- In Costume!

At San Diego Comic Con, next year's D&D movie, Honor Among Thieves, is getting a preview. Additionally, there's a 'tavern experience' where visitors can interact with D&D monsters and drink 'dragon brew', and at which is also displayed images of the cast of the movie in costume! everything below comes from that tavern experience, but there is an official panel/event later today (Thursday).


Photo: ComicBook.com​

Various media outlets are there and are posting previews and photos:

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Looks cheesy, which I guess is all a D&D movie can aspire to be.
Trying to make a serious D&D fantasy movie would be very risky. The number of successful serious fantasy films that have been made is pretty darn short. The ones made in the last 20 years is even shorter - it's what Lord of the Rings? On TV you have Game of Thrones but that's television where prestige drama is allowed to wallow for a bit in critical acclaim before it finds popular success - in film it would be a lot riskier. Especially since the market for serious films in general seems pretty low these days - it's not what people are looking for in their action movies.

Targeting a Guardians of the Galaxy or a Fast and Furious vibe for a D&D movie, on the other hand, is lower risk. It seems to be what people want right now. Especially for an initial outing of what you hope to be a franchise where you don't know if the audience is even going to show up for a movie that is based on a game.

I'm just hoping for a fun action movie. If they can pull that off I'll be pretty happy.

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