D&D Movie/TV Check Out The D&D Movie's Cast -- In Costume!

At San Diego Comic Con, next year's D&D movie, Honor Among Thieves, is getting a preview. Additionally, there's a 'tavern experience' where visitors can interact with D&D monsters and drink 'dragon brew', and at which is also displayed images of the cast of the movie in costume! everything below comes from that tavern experience, but there is an official panel/event later today (Thursday).


Photo: ComicBook.com​

Various media outlets are there and are posting previews and photos:

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

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Scion of Murgen (He/Him)
I'm cautiously optimistic.

I agree that the movie needs to have a self-aware, humorous tone- Guardians of the Galaxy is, as folks have been saying for a while, definitely an example to emulate, for a fun ensemble movie. Trying to play a D&D movie as a serious drama is a sucker's game. It will inevitably result in bathos, and would almost inevitably waste what's unique and fun about D&D and end up a second-rate generic fantasy movie.

Why does Regé Jean Page's breastplate have grooves down the middle? Wouldn't that deflect blades inward?
1. Because it references his model-like physique, reminding the viewer of his rock-hard abs while actually putting him in armor, like any sensible fighter-type would be.
2. Because it's a classical reference, the Greek and Roman heroic cuirass.


LotR was a fairly serious movie, but had its light moments.

I’m hoping it will be something that’s fun, entertaining and good story. If we’re laughing at the effects (Hello, Legend!) or how insincere the characters treat their situation, I’ll be annoyed.

Same. I suspect they just did a google image search for "Intellect Devourer" and copied it from there. That particular image is in the first row.

I bet a ton of players would be all about rescuing a cute fuzzy owlbear cub.

I suspect that it's a graphic designer given too much freedom. Or the movie centers around a heist where the team has to retrieve a baby owlbear from the clutches of a magical animal collector who has it locked up in his menagerie without him discovering them.

Hold on - I think I might have an idea for my next session...


After seeing the electric lute I'm 95% certain they will reprise the 80s cartoon idea. Somehow modern day people (adults this time) will end up in a magical realm. Probably a fusion/mix of Stranger Things and Jumanji II. That could work.

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