D&D 5E Class Group Traveller


If the rogue class group were to be named Traveller (containing rogue, ranger, and bard) what does that tell us about the classes in the class group?

I think it is as good of a superclass name as you'll likely to find. Interestingly, it also would contain well my homebrew Explorer class - which pretty much exactly has the core concepts you've described.

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I'm not really a fan of having the Ranger and the Rogue in the same group. Rangers are warriors, aren't they? Can't rangers use heavy weapons and armor? Don't they specialize in melee and ranged combat?

I also don't think the word "traveler" describes the Rogue. Doesn't the flavor of the class imply being urban, streetwise, etc.? Nothing about that implies going from place to place--to me, it more implies "I've lived in this city longer than you've been alive... I know every back alley and every bad mofo in town."

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