D&D General Companion Thread to D&D Survivor: Dragons, Chromatic

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Frumious Flumph (Your Grace/Your Eminence)
"And why are you voting like this?"
"Spite? Sir you cannot vote out of spite."
"Yes I can, I want to vote, and I vote out of spite."

Seinfeld, probably.
Did the voting eliminate your favorite already? My condolences. Happens to me most threads. RIP Rahab.


Limit Break Dancing
Sad to see the Orange dragon go, with its literally explosive sodium breath it was actually interesting

now we’re down to the interchangable mix n match dragons that all blend to standard beige…
Yep, that is how the Survivor Threads usually go.

But it was still pretty cool to put a spotlight on these old beasties, and remember how terrifying, creative, and unpredictable dragons used to be. I remember when dragons were distinct in more ways than just "Insert Energy Type Here" in the stat block.

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